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09/02/15 at 11:48:12

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Have I mentioned that I like the CSP2 ..... ? (Read 2398 times)
Randy in Caintuck
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Have I mentioned that I like the CSP2 ..... ?
05/23/07 at 13:45:00
After living with the CSP2 for a while now, it just continues to get better .....  8-)

Over the past few weeks, I have been revisiting many of the CDs in my collection and find many of the ones that were previously "marginal" to be quite enjoyable.  The CSP2 adds focus and body to the lead vocals of many disks that are a little weak without it.

Another nice feature is the ability to use the trim pots to balance the channels.  When you dial them in and everything is just right, the 3 dimensionality of the lead vocals is absolutely jaw dropping .....  :o

Since there can be noticeable variations in the output of tubes, this is a very valuable tool.


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Re: Have I mentioned that I like the CSP2 ..... ?
Reply #1 - 05/28/07 at 16:17:56
I think you've mentioned that before. . . Smiley

I agree, it's a great machine.  I haven't heard anything that is "newly" jawdropping, my jaw was dropping before, but it has helped me tonal balance wise and I love having two inputs to utilize with ease.
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