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Pa subwoofers (Read 2815 times)
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Pa subwoofers
05/23/07 at 06:13:55

I want to build some subs for a band PA system application and was wondering which would be best, the Imperial or Housewrecker designs?

Unfortunately, I already downloaded the plans for the HW before searching the site and coming across the imperial.
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Re: Pa subwoofers
Reply #1 - 05/23/07 at 12:39:31
Hi Vlad,

Call Steve and see if you can upgrade to the "all plans password". I would say the Imperial would likely blow away the housewrecker for PA. It might depend on what you are matching the sub with as the Imp has a more full range application as opposed to the fliexible low tuning of the HW, but the Imp is probably superior in total usability for apps like PA.

Of course, the Imp uses more wood and weighs a ton,  but then the HW with 4 subs isn't exactly small or light.

Take care,
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