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Ordered RL-3s Today!!!!!! (Read 9824 times)
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Re: Ordered RL-3s Today!!!!!!
Reply #15 - 06/12/07 at 03:58:23

 How close you are to the break in point would depend on a few things, how much time, and at what volume. If you run the speakers while at work at lets say 60dB it would take much longer than if you were able to play them at louder than listening levels. I've found after one year of playing 24-7 there was still improvement over lets say 3 months 24-7.

But it might not be break in your hearing, or should we say, the lack of break in. It could just be your source....how does your TT sound with the RL-3's, have you tried that. Even with the TT though, the phono stage could make a difference.

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