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01/23/17 at 08:37:51 

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help on easy insertion and removal of INSERT DB10 (Read 155 times)
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help on easy insertion and removal of INSERT DB10
04/27/07 at 11:42:25
hi all, decided my home diy type table saw didnt cut accurate enough.. so had all the wood cut at a shop with industrial table saw. the wood is 100% acurate, within 0.5mm

so being very excited to start assembling im first gathering some information. On closer inspection it would seem easy to slide the INSERT into the enclosure, but once the woofer is in, it'll be hard to move it out Wink i was wondering what some tricks are for easy removal and refitting?

i was thinking of perhaps gluing on some "handles" that are mounted nexto the woofer cone. this way i can just grip the handles to slide the woofer out...

and pointers?

what are y'all doing to solve this little problem?

the idea of perhaps knocking the enclosure against the floor to make the insert "fall out" doesnt sit very well. Wink

cape town,south africa

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Re: help on easy insertion and removal of INSERT D
Reply #1 - 04/29/07 at 20:58:50
yes its tight and thats good, i do bump mine (gently) against carpeted floor to move it (only got to move it a few inches either way) or reach in with my arm and try to push it, but thats awkward also.
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Re: help on easy insertion and removal of INSERT D
Reply #2 - 04/29/07 at 21:48:39
cut a 2x4 or even a 2x6 that goes inside the box and covers both side of the insert and tap the board.
this works when the sub is upside down on its top ( the sealed area) and you are tapping it down.
tap it one way then pull it out 90 degrees and repeat.
it can be tight but it also can be at a really slight angle and wedge itself and not tight at all. I call it walking because it rocks slightly and binds

60's way is also good but I did that a little two hard and busted up my DBII and made me cry until I found my gorilla glue.
So I think that its the best way because it works two ways but not too hard.
remember compression and expansion slows the movement if the insert. if its that well sealed and hole in the insert that you can plug later.
For me its just slows the movement.
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