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best 12" subs and amp for WO12? (Read 13827 times)
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Re: best 12" subs and amp for WO12?
Reply #30 - 08/05/07 at 12:04:28
Hey guys, I noticed you talkin bout the infinity 10.1's. I was deciding between these and Steves DHM108's. I did a bit of research cause the infinities didnt give all info on their sensitivity ratings, which i later found to be misleading. Infinity have rated the 10.1's with 2.83 volts @ 1 meter, this is equivilant to 1 watt @ 1 meter but only if the driver is wired at 8 ohms. When the driver is wired at 4 ohms, 2.83 volts becomes equivilant to 2 watts @ one meter which equals 3dB increase. The same thing happens when wired at 2 ohms, which now makes a 6dB increase. So from memory i think they tested at 4 ohms, meaning the 10.1's true sensitiy of 1 watt @ 1 meter is only 91dB. This is only half a dB higher than Steves drivers, if of course you trust Infinities specs ratings. I then decided to go with Steves drivers cause i believe they will prove better for sq, they are cheaper and come with a lifetime warranty, which is always good. Oh and BTW these things really do hit hard.
Sorry about the novel, hope i didnt offend anyone owning Infinities because I own some of their vintage stuff which is brillaint all the same.
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