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01/18/17 at 16:14:34 

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the zen stereo wood aniversary treatment? (Read 1241 times)
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the zen stereo wood aniversary treatment?
02/25/07 at 22:31:30

hello one and all .. be gentle with me becuase after years of lurking and reading posts and researching [in the absence of money] i am now a member ...

however i am curious if steve has any plans for putting that gorgeous wood aniversiary treatment to the stereo SE1.2 integrated amp ... ?

and i have been wondering why/how come it is there arent many posts talking about the radial 1.5 + 2.3wpc aniversary stereo amp ... ?

and kudos for steve to not only crank out amps/speakers but maintain a world class website ..

anxiously waiting replies ...

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Re: the zen stereo wood aniversary treatment?
Reply #1 - 02/26/07 at 06:17:42
Welcome to the Forum truthseeker.

As regards the questions, I know very little about the items you are talking about,
however I am sure someone more able to answer than me will be alomg soon.

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