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10/26/16 at 12:26:11 


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Rectifier Tubes For SE34I.2? (Read 3605 times)
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Rectifier Tubes For SE34I.2?
02/24/07 at 23:26:13
I have a Se34I.2 on order and time seems to have slowed down. Can anyone recommend some good rectifier tubes to try? Don’t know if it makes a difference but it will be driving HDT’s. My current amp is solid state rectified (Almarro 205MkII) so I am ignorant as to how different rectifier tubes can change the sound.
Thanks, Craig
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Re: Rectifier Tubes For SE34I.2?
Reply #1 - 02/25/07 at 18:30:10
get 2 Mullards GZ32 and be done with it!

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Re: Rectifier Tubes For SE34I.2?
Reply #2 - 02/26/07 at 06:22:36
If the amp will take them I pretty much agree with lightmaster. They work for me
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