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01/21/17 at 04:13:38 

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Drivers/configuration for unusual application (Read 1630 times)
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Drivers/configuration for unusual application
02/10/07 at 14:25:59
I am considering building a HWK15 for a musical instrument application, and I'd like to get some thoughts on what drivers to use and how to load it.  I'll be using it to drive low frequency organ tone down to 16hz.  If the HWK works for this application, it would potentially be used in large rooms (auditoriums, churches, theatres etc.), but also in living room environments, where it would need to be less aggressive to keep from cracking the walls. Smiley I want it to really move some air in situations where I need it, and be tolerable when I'm practicing at home.  I also don't want it to sound "boomy" like the low riders at the mall.  Clean, tight bass is what I'm after.

I had thought of building a quad loaded HWK15 with 4 Dayton ST385-8 15" Series II Woofers, wiring them in parallel, resulting in a 2 ohm load.  I would feed them with a bridged 1200w amp.  Would there be a better way to set this up (different drivers, series wiring, fewer drivers?)

Thanks for your input!
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Re: Drivers/configuration for unusual application
Reply #1 - 02/13/07 at 16:18:23
The Series II drivers seem to play a little better when the HWK is laid on its side. I used a HWK15 quad loaded for awhile but it seem to want alot of power and played fairly low. I finally took two of the 15"s out and settle for two with the magnets in the center chamber hooked out of phase. After some tweeking, I got it to play to my taste and only need about 100w to 150w to get things moving. I don't know what combo would work best but the HWK15 will play pretty low. I am unsure of what spl level you are wanting to reach or if sql would be more to your liken. Best bet is to build it and tweek to your taste. Good Luck.


PS. Check out this site for a good 15" woofer but shipping kinda hurts.

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