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monoblock puzzler (Read 1626 times)
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monoblock puzzler
02/09/07 at 18:17:06
Hello out there!
Yet another soul confuzed by monoblocking selects.  I bought a used cs, brought it home, bridged it the appropriate way (by connecting possitive to negative binding posts and using an interconnect on the front terminals) and I only have half-loudness--my other select is blasting away.  Funny, though, in stereo mode with the new cs, it plays at full power.  I have trouble shot with new interconnects (Steve's suggestion), speakers, tubes, rectifiers, hooked to the preamp, not to the preamp--everything.  My question is for all of yous who actually passed highschool physics, is could one of the binding posts be flipped internally so when I think I am hooking up neg to poss I am actually hooking it poss to poss?  Would it still play in stereo if this is the case?
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Re: monoblock puzzler
Reply #1 - 02/14/07 at 04:25:14
Are you sure the second amp is a standard CS?  I saw a post recently where a person thought they had two Selects and found out the second one they bought was modified or maybe a kit.  I don't exactly remember, but the point was the amps were not identical.
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