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11/26/15 at 08:52:07

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zen & vinyl: suggetions needed (Read 987 times)
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zen & vinyl: suggetions needed
02/08/07 at 01:43:23
I have 3 systems in my house using the zen triode and use them with cd inputs to great advantage but having problems finding a good match with vinyl.  The cd playback has more punch and gain/level and more detail because I can't get enough volume/ gain with two of my turntables that have Denon mc carts (dl 110)high-output MC's.  My rega P3 has a rega elys cart which has more gain, hence more punch but I would like to use my tts with the denon carts.  I don't want to go back to mm carts because I like the sound of the denon and they sound fine with different amps with more power.  I know the solution must be a good match with my phono pre but I don't want to invest in two new & pricey preamps that may be better.  I have tried my Van Alstine super pas 4i, Music hall phono box, Pro-ject phono se, and they don't have enough gain in MM setting and I get humm when I change setting to MC (if they have it)  I have a tubed AES phono that sounds great but only does MM, I have 3 other low-fi solid state preamps that have MC settings but they generally sound like crap and I would rather not haul them out and use them with my zens.  My question is what phono settings or preamps work well with the zen triodes and turntables??  What is the magic bullet for great vinyl sound using the  zen triode???  My speakers are 4 ohm Mission Argonauts, Klipsch KG4's, and Triangle Titus 202, with Omega TS 2 as backups and my other tts are a Systemdek IIX and a linear-tracking mitsubishi.  Any suggestions would be helpful..what are good analogue vinyl set-ups with the zen????  where do I start?? Is there anything I can do without buying pricey new preamps?? thanks
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Re: zen & vinyl: suggetions needed
Reply #1 - 02/08/07 at 02:12:07
The phono stage is the most critical and difficult to get right in any system. I would suggest building the entire system around your choice of phono stage. Use a well shielded stepup transformer for low output cartridges. Your grounding scheme will be difficult, and is the #1 failure point of phono stages. You may even have to 'lift' the ground from your preamp, or perhaps your amp, or even rewire grounding to cure a loop.

The zp3 is the best phono I have heard. Not the quietest, but the most musical. Great detail. If you like your current phono stick with it... make the rest work.

It sounds like you need a good stepup transformer, too much preamp gain doesn't always sound right.
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