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Decware SE84B impressions (Read 2659 times)
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Decware SE84B impressions
08/15/06 at 12:58:12
I tried one of these stereo amps-found it used for $250 plus shipping- I highly recommend it for any beginner wanting to try tube sound, but not wanting to fix up vintage equipment.   I realize that now it's been improved/revised to the C revision- which can only be more of a good thing.  If you want to experience true stereo imaging and find out the definition of "soundstage", try one of these amps.   It's a great entry level value.  If you have been a solid state listener, epiphany will strike- and you'll start selling off your SS units- and looking into tube audio more.   This Decware amp and an Akai M8 SEP dual monoblock made me a single-ended convert for life.   I had no idea what I was missing, having listened to SS amps for nearly 30 years !    IMO everyone should own a good SE amp at least once in their lifetime.  You will hear things on your old analog recordings you never realized were there- i.e. where you thought there was one guitar line, it was actually 3 different guitars layered and overdubbed.  AMAZING !!
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