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Shunt attenuators (Read 888 times)
crazy bill the eel killer
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Shunt attenuators
07/20/06 at 16:03:08
Hey guys,

Quick question.

I've finally got almost everything to build my new amp.

6922 driver, SV83 output (both Russian milspec versions as discussed in prior threads on this site), interstage transfo, Ultrapath connection on both amp stages.

I'm leaning towards simply placing a volume control feeding the grid of the 6922 as in the Zen. I figure if I don't like it I can always add a grid choke or input transfos later. However, my lazy side is blossoming and I'd like remote control, leaving me two options. The motor driven Dact unit (series attenuator), or the Welborne unit (shunt type). I prefer the welborne, and I can see no reason why the changing input impedance presented to the source should be a problem here, especially since both my sources are < 600 ohms, and I listen loud, which means the shunt resistor values should be large enough to not load down the source. However, since I'm a newbie, I'm sure there may be issues I don't understand yet, and I would like to rely on your guy's superior knowledge and experience.

So, the question.               ???

Can I use a shunt attenuator, or are there issues involved and I should stay away from them.

As always, I thank you all in advance for your help.

Cheers,                    Bill         Cheesy
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