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06/25/18 at 15:04:14 


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Where do I find the Plan for the SO (Read 1783 times)
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Where do I find the Plan for the SO
02/05/06 at 08:16:09
Hi ALL, I've paid my fee for the plan on this site, found the plans for the imperial but can't find the plans for the SO. Would like to build one of these for my home, already going to build two imperials for a small PA. Can someone point me in the right direction please.


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Re: Where do I find the Plan for the SO
Reply #1 - 02/05/06 at 10:52:05
As far as I know they have not been posted to the site yet.
I was several months back when Steve dropped a hint that he would be putting them on the site in the next week or two if he had the time.

Dank has them, but working through some problems, and I think Change-out had his made by zygi.
Change-out is the only one that has a true working model that I know of.

Sorry Man!
I was waiting months and gave up. Lost my window of opportunity polluting my world with the other designs.

Steve has to start with the most important need and work his way down to the SO.
I will be happy if it shows up on the site access oneday. It's one of the main reasons that I still hang out here. I always check back for it and end up wasting my time on the forum

pretty sad huh!

EDIT: Getafix is that a real name or are you related to Astrix and brew magic potion. If your the guy behind the magic potion you will not have any trouble movin those Imperials around.
Astrix is still my hero, now my daughter is reading them ( kid number two so far) as well as me!.
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