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06/18/18 at 08:46:36

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EVX-180B: Suitable for Imperials? (Read 2889 times)
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EVX-180B: Suitable for Imperials?
12/08/05 at 19:08:48
I have an opportunity to pick up a pair of these drivers at a low price.  Would these perform well in an Imperial, or is the excursion too high?
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Re: EVX-180B: Suitable for Imperials?
Reply #1 - 12/08/05 at 20:11:01
Post some specs or a link.
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Re: EVX-180B: Suitable for Imperials?
Reply #2 - 12/08/05 at 20:26:16
Is this the beast? DanK has 18s in his Imperials, but I can't remember which ones.


Overall Diameter 18.2" / 462.3mm

Resonant Frequency (fs) 29 Hz
Impedance (Re) 5 ohms
Coil Inductance (Le) 1.6 mH
Electromagnetic Q (Qes) .285
Mechanical Q (Qms) 4
Total Q (Qts) .266
Max. Displacement (Xmax) 6.4 mm
Compliance Equivalent Vol. (Vas) 416.3 liters / 14.7 cu.ft.
Surface Area of Cone (Sd)m2 .122 m2
Reference Efficiency 3.4%

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Re: EVX-180B: Suitable for Imperials?
Reply #3 - 12/09/05 at 00:56:59

Power Handling (see Power-Handling
Test section):
1,000 watts continuous program
Voice-Coil Diameter:
102 mm (4.0 in.)
Sensitivity (SPL at 1 W/1 m), 100-800-Hz
98 dB
8 ohms
7 ohms
Frequency Response (see Figures 1,
2 and 10):
20-2,000 Hz
Highest Recommended Crossover:
500 Hz
Magnet Assembly Weight:
8.3 kg (18.3 lb)
Physical Constants,
Effective Piston Diameter:
394 mm (15.5 in.)
Total Moving Mass:
0.127 kg (0.280 lb)
Voice-Coil Winding Depth:
20.3 mm (0.80 in.)
Top-Plate Thickness at Voice Coil:
8.9 mm (0.35 in.)
BL Factor:
21.8 tesla-meters
Thiele-Small Parameters,
fs: 29 Hz
VAS: 416 liters (14.7 ft3)
QES: 0.29
QMS: 4.00
QTS: 0.27
RE: 5.0 ohms
O: 3.4%
SD: 0.122 m2 (189 in.2)
MMD: 0.127 kg (0.280 lb)
LE: 1.6 mH
CMS: 0.200 mm/N
RMS: 6.86 mechanical ohms
PE(max): 600 watts
1: 6.4 mm (0.25 in.)
2: 25 mm (0.98 in.)
Thermal Rise after Power Test:
82 C (147 F)
Typical Vented Enclosures (see
Recommended Enclosures section):
170-283 liters (6-10 ft3) tuned from
28 Hz to 45 Hz
Electrical Connections (see Electrical
Connections section),
Connector Type:
Push terminals for bare wires
A positive voltage applied to the
positive (red) terminal produces a
positive pressure at the front of the
Additional Descriptive Information,
Magnet Weight:
3.2 kg (7.0 lb)
1. Xmax is the one-way peak excursion that produces 10% distortion of the current waveform when driven in free air at fs.
2. Xlim, or displacement limit, is the one-way peak excursion which, when exceeded, will cause physical damage to the drive mechanisum.
Magnet Material:
Barium ferrite
Cast aluminum
Frame finish:
Voice-Coil Material:
Voice-Coil Insulation:
Polyimide, 220 C (428 F) rating
Voice-Coil Form:
Plating of Steel Parts:
E-coat (XXX???)
Outer Diameter:
460 mm (18.2 in.)
200 mm (7.92 in.)
Bolt-Hole Diameter:
7.1 mm (0.281 in.)
Bolt-Circle Diameter:
438 mm (17.38 in.)
Net Weight:
11.3 kg (25 lb)
Shipping Weight:
14.1 kg (31 lb)
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Re: EVX-180B: Suitable for Imperials?
Reply #4 - 12/09/05 at 02:55:17
The qts shows the magnet is strong, so the driver should be suited to use in an imperial.
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