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dancing tarpaulins (Read 269 times)
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dancing tarpaulins
10/05/05 at 23:41:48
this weekend just passed richard and i did a little second rig at an outdoor party. the overall system implementation was geared around being quick and small and consisted of a pair of 15"+1" full rangers crossed over quite high to a mkI martin 215 bass horn, with a 2 x pa 12" wicked one on the bottom.

it was running between about 40 and 80 Hz with about 1k rms going into the box, more would have been nice to hear but we were supposedly travelling light. it was a formiddable little bass stack, we had brutal transients from the martin bin and real bellyfulls of sub from the wo.

i played some modern breakbeat tracks with silly bass lines and revelled in the purity and solidity of the really low synth notes and was most interested to note that the wo appeared to be pretty much keeping up with the martin output wise.

at the end of the night rich played some squarepusher, it was hilarious. there was a flap of tarpaulin which the boxes were sat on infront of the horn mouth, the animation of which was quite a sight. it would dance about in different ways depending on the frequency, but the most noticable aspect was the apparent speed of the response. the stacato pulses of mr jenkinson's percussion and bass seemed to be simply switched on and off.

i'm beginning to see what all the fuss is about. Smiley


edit: ah. i've just spied that richard has already drawn your attention to the phenomena (da-daa, dee da-da) of the dancing tarpaulins.

well it doesn't matter, it's probably nice to hear me as a wo sceptic sing the praises of the high powered pa variants.
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