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10/25/16 at 05:59:16†


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 on: Today at 05:05:12 
Started by Corey | Post by Corey
Thanks for any inconvenience to get to see the custom ZBox yet. Cor

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 on: Today at 04:47:34 
Started by Matchstikman | Post by Blueone302
Yeah, you have the same issue I do, just a different variety of space issues.  

On another note, you mentioned bass lacking in the Decware amps?  I kind of thought so too.  But would you believe that now with the HR's I sometimes wonder if I have too much.  Again, I pretty much mitigated this with placement.  

More than ever I'm sure the room dimensions and shape plus the lack of adequate treatments hurts the sound.  This was another path that took me to the HR's.  I live in a church parsonage and they really don't want me mucking with hanging clouds and putting in bass traps and absorption and refraction pieces.  So I'm using wooden slats on blinds with the louvers on same canted in different directions, plus lots of seating and rugs for absorption.  

One of the guys who came for the auditions I mentioned has a dedicated and treated room.  He says mine sounds just as good. I haven't heard his, so I'm not so sure.  But.... we have made progress, so every little bit helps.  

Here's to you finding both your space and bass!


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 on: Today at 04:37:02 
Started by Dave1210 | Post by Matchstikman
Wow, Dave, that's quite a journey.

I've heard the ZUs. †Very nice.
I have a set of MG944s, an early version, that I like very much.

Sometimes I wonder if there a perfect set of speakers.

Check this out, I'm in a geezer band and I've got a few amps. †The thing is, I can't find one that does it all. †For cleans, nothing beats my Fender. †For crunch, nothing beats my Marshall. †Sometimes I consider setting up some kind of thing were I can switch between the two setups but that would be a hassle and I'm no pro, just a garage player. †So, I just use one and live with the deficiency of that particular amp.

Maybe the solutions is a couple of sets of loudspeakers. †Now, doesn't that sound crazy? †You switch to the set that best does what you want with a certain song. †I mean, you can go all out and never find what your looking to hear.

Hell, there are CDs recorded decades ago that I love and I doubt there is a system that will make them sound good so there is that. †Try to find a system that can make Grand Funk Railroad's Live Album sound good. †I dare you. †HAHAHA

I don't know, the MG944s are great. †It makes me wonder why they are no longer in production. †And, I myself would love a pair of ZU Soul Superfly speakers. †And, I want a set of Wilsons. †I wonder if Wilson users want something else.

Good luck. †I am anxious to see where your journey takes you.

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 on: Today at 04:16:18 
Started by Matchstikman | Post by Matchstikman
Blue, I'd gladly jump on a good offer for a set of Cornwalls but truth is, I don't have space for them. †Them things are wide and I don't have that kind of space. †I have a pair of MG944s that barely fit. †I mean, I don't have anything close to a descent place to setup my gear.

I'm in the middle of searching for new digs. † But, I will have to wait until then.

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 on: Today at 04:03:28 
Started by Randy in Caintuck | Post by Randy in Caintuck
Just a reminder that the Caintuck Fest is about 10 days away .....

At this point, I have no idea what the turnout will be like ..... but it would be great to meet as many of the Decware Audio Forum posters and lurkers as possible.
Truthfully, those of us who are die hard audio buffs and take their music seriously are a fairly small community.
I wish that there was an audio event within a six hour drive or so every month. I would be at most of them .....

If you missed the Zen Fest in Peoria because of circumstances beyond your control, this would be an opportunity to hear Decware amplifiers in a good room with some nice front end equipment and speakers.

Getting together with a group of kindred spirits, listening to music on high quality gear and being introduced to some new artists and tunes is very high on my list of things that put a big smile on my face .....

There are a couple of nice hotels withing a few minutes of my storefront.

Happy listening,


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 on: Today at 04:03:10 
Started by Matchstikman | Post by Blueone302

  I know where there is a pair of the Cornwall III's for sale right now!   Wink  Just saying.   Seriously, if I knew I was gonna have a decent room for them in the next ten years, I would hang on to them.

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 on: Today at 02:12:14 
Started by Dave1210 | Post by Dave1210
MatchstickmanÖgood question. † I will try to describe based on my experience with different speakers, not all in my room. †

First, please refer to my thread on how kick ass the ZMA/MG944 combo is, because it is. †Itís a very raw, dynamic sound and I love it. † The combo is also very musical and the bass is great, although I do run a sub which makes the overall experience that much better. † †


I had some Zu speakers in my room not too long ago and I miss some of what they do, especially when Iím sitting in the sweet spot. †There is a relaxed nature to the Zuís that allows me to settle in and listen for longer periods of time. †I notice this in my body language while listening. †With the MG944ís I will tense up and Iíll notice it with my hands mostly. †With the Zuís I just got lost in the music. †

The Zuís disappeared better, had greater depth and more of a holographic sound. †

That said, the Zuís I listened to lacked the detail I am used to with the MG944ís. †They could also be a little harsh/beamy in the highs. †The Zuís also didnít have the fantastic bass of the MG944ís.

I have heard Acoustic Zen speakers on multiple occasions, although not in my room. †I find these speakers to be very musical and they always draw me in to the music.

I remember the first time I heard Brandford Marsalisís ďThe Nearness of YouĒ from the album Trio Jeepy on the Acoustic Zenís. † I felt like Branford was standing in the room playing his saxophone to me. †Timbre was natural, and the image seemed life sized. † The sound was detailed, musical, engaging, etc. †The MG944ís donít deliver the same natural timbre and tone as the Acoustic Zenís. †They also donít have the same life size in the room imaging. † †

So I think Iím looking for speakers that are bit more neutral sounding, disappear better, have better depth, holographic imaging and are every bit as musical and detailed, and have similar quality of bass as the MG944ís. †

Iím really not asking for muchÖ

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 on: Today at 01:14:29 
Started by Dave1210 | Post by Matchstikman
Dave, why don't you like the MG944s? †Or why do you need to upgrade to something else?

 on: Today at 01:06:42 
Started by Donnie | Post by Archie
I find the bass to be very tight and focused.  Any boominess went away when I put my Hr-1s on isolation platforms which decoupled the floor structure.  

As for resistors, I played around with some but eventually took them out.  They are a good tuning tool but not essential in my case.

When Zigi built mine he put in capacitors that he felt were compatible with those in my ZMA.  He did this on his own initiative but it wouldn't hurt to ask him about it.

Like Lon, I am very happily attached to my HR-1s.

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 on: Today at 00:39:14 
Started by Lon | Post by Core32