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1  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE84UFO25 / Re: 25th Anniversary Zen Triode Amplifier Impressions!
 on: Today at 21:31:36 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by dvl
Two days before the hurricane hit, i left North Carolina for the midwest to see family, visit a great brewery, and on my way back home, stop in Peoria for a quick listening session. i didn't have much time, but i wanted to hear the anniversary amp and the DNA 2.

That amp is extraordinary, and hearing it in Steve's room was wonderful. At one point i looked at Steve and said, "i don't know how to describe what i'm hearing." Sure you could talk about detail, soundstage, bass, all the audiophile terms, but none of that gets to what the amp does.

i can tell you what it did to me. Before i left, i thanked Steve and said, "i don't know how to think about this." i really didn't. It got inside me, it made me feel certain ways that stayed with me. The more i listened, the better it got and i didn't really listen that long. i thought about it all the way back to North Carolina. i woke up the next day thinking about it. This paragraph of one of Steve's posts gets it better than anything he's written or anything i can come up with.

"Listening to this amplifier is not the typical mainstream audiophile experience. †You can't play it without becoming engaged with it. †That means that despite your best efforts, background music is just a fantasy. †In fact this is where it begins it's witchcraft. †You try to play it in the background while you work or relax and like it or not you become captivated. †It controls you, not the other way around. †This is the Yin and Yang of Zen. †We have crossed the neutral zone with this amplifier and for those of you who chase the holy audio grail, be careful what you wish for. † While it is effectively a drug, the only side effect is obsession. †I believe sound like this has healing properties and spending a little too much time with it would only have the consequence of living longer."

It is a drug, and after only a short time, obsession followed me for two days. Sitting here typing i feel what i felt listening to that amp. It hasn't gone away. And i agree, i think it is restorative to listen to, i think it does have healing properties. He is not exaggerating. i suspect if i would have stayed for a couple of hours, what i felt would have just deepened. Listening to this amp did not fit my audiophile auditioning mindset. It doesn't fit into that. It's different.

i've been at this for almost 30 years. i haven't heard an amp do this. Is it for everybody? Probably not. It is just 2 watts. But if i was a digital only person, no vinyl, no tape, i would buy this amp and never look back. i would come back to it every morning, sit in my listening chair, and not get a damn thing done all day. And even though i love vinyl and low output cartridges, i still might get it.

i look forward to reading reactions from people who attend Decfest. You will hear that amp in that room, just like i did, so it will be really interesting for me to read what others experienced. Please don't hesitate to share!

By the way, the DNA 2s were beautiful in person.


2  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 21:25:55 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Now disk 1. I ended up buying a second hand copy I could afford of the 18 cd "Collector's" edition of this and I'm listening to this 6 cd version to whet my appetite; I'll probably sell the 6 cd version when I receive the "big blue."

Bob Dylan "The Cutting Edge 1965-1966" Deluxe Edition

3  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE34I.5 / Re: Rachel bloat?
 on: Today at 20:55:08 
Started by benlefebvre | Post by Cuff
Curious to know what tube set you ended up with to mitigate the issue. I'm going to be moving my Rachael into a system with a pair of Zu Omen Dirty Weekends, located in a room where the mid-bass frequencies are typically problematic due to a lot of wood, stone, and glass surfaces. It may not be a workable pairing since there's little I can do in terms of room treatment, but I do have a good variety of tubes I can try rolling.

4  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / SE34I.5 / Re: Preamp???
 on: Today at 20:25:49 
Started by Last Lemming | Post by Cuff
I've used the Schiit Saga with the Rachael. I initially got the Saga primarily to add remote control of volume. I ended up returning it during the 15-day trial period to upgrade to the Freya. Saga has unity gain with a tube buffer stage; Freya has 14db of gain via its tube gain stage and a 128-step volume attenuator vs. the 64-step version in the Saga. The ability to ride the gain to better tailor the soundówhich Steve recommended when I e-mailed him regarding the pros/cons of adding a preampówas what motivated the upgrade. I was otherwise not unhappy with the Saga.

5  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 19:21:15 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Bob Dylan "The Cutting Edge 1965-1966" Deluxe Edition disk 2

6  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Re: Torii MKIV for sale
 on: Today at 18:33:06 
Started by BadWolf | Post by BadWolf

7  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Re: GIK Acoustics Bass Traps and Panels
 on: Today at 16:03:57 
Started by atran1234 | Post by atran1234
Thanks Albert.  Apologies but the two panels that you're interested in just got sold last night.  I will update my post to reflect what I have left.


8  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 15:26:34 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh "Expedition" . . . a lot like Erskine era Weather Report, at least so far.

9  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Re: GIK Acoustics Bass Traps and Panels
 on: Today at 15:10:18 
Started by atran1234 | Post by Acetone

I'll take the 2 pcs  242 Bass Traps  12" x 48" (off white)  $35 ea.
If agreeable I will PM my e-mail to you that you may invoice me via


10  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 15:05:53 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Herbie Hancock "Speak Like a Child" Platinum SHM-CD from Universal Japan