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10/09/15 at 11:38:57

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 on: Today at 11:26:47 
Started by Rivieraranch | Post by Dave1210
BadWolf...how would you describe the differences between the ZMA and MK4?

2  SUPPORT FORUMS FOR CURRENT DECWARE GEAR / TORII MK IV / Re: Torii MkIV speaker recommendations
 on: Today at 05:45:55 
Started by sconie77 | Post by RW82
I'm a little late to this post, but I'll throw in my two cents.  

I've traditionally been a Klipsch fan since that's how I got into hifi, but since June 15 I've been using Decware's DM 947.  I really can't say enough about these speakers, or the system in general.  They're slightly warm, dynamic, detailed, coherent, and very surprising given their size.  They don't need a subwoofer to sound excellent.  You know, they're just right.  

I didn't really set out to be a Decware 'fan-boy.' I started with the Torii and fell down the Decware rabbit hole from there.  I haven't been disappointed yet.

If you've got questions, please, feel free to PM me.

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 on: Today at 04:00:14 
Started by Rivieraranch | Post by BadWolf
Yes, they’re the silver ones. Although when they are made available they’ll have a different name.

4  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Intermittent signal loss on right channel of Torii
 on: Today at 03:56:59 
Started by Greg12 | Post by Greg12
Well, I pulled the kt66's out and put in the el34's that came with the Torii.  So far so good.  What's strange though is I had earlier taken all the right side tubes and switched them with the left side tubes and the trouble remained in the right channel.  We'll see how it goes.  Maybe exercising the sockets with the tube rolling cleaned a dirty contact?  If it keeps working fine for a few days I'll put the kt66's back in and see what happens.  

Thanks guys,


5  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Intermittent signal loss on right channel of Torii
 on: Today at 03:18:45 
Started by Greg12 | Post by maddog07
I had a similar problem, though not exactly what you are describing, and it was one of the output power tubes. (a JJ 6CA7).

do you experience this issue at cold start-up or only after the tubes have warmed up?

do you have some spare power tubes to try?

I also accidentally "discovered" by "touch" which tube was the bad one.  The tube that was faulty was noticeably "cooler" than the other three when I was removing them with a cotton jersey glove on.  

I talked to Steve about this at the fest and he explained what was likely going on in the tube - it was still glowing - the heater still working - it was just not amplifying.  

The effected channel had more noise in it, and slightly less volume...  the tubes had to be on for several minutes before I got a "pop" sound... then a few more minutes and another smaller pop.  Prior to the pops, the tubes/sound was normal.
After the second pop, no more pops, just noticeably less volume from the channel that had the "pops" and more background hiss/noise if you listened to the effected channel up close to the speaker with no music playing.
Steve said after the pop, likely a cracked/broke connection in the tube opening up when it got hot, the effected channel of the amp became a "push" only and not push/pull, as only one tube was operational explaining the lack of volume from that channel.

I have several other sets and types of output tubes, so I was able to to isolate it to an output tube pretty quick.

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 on: Today at 03:06:13 
Started by Rivieraranch | Post by Tripwr1964
where the el caminos the silver ones?

7  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Fuses - Torii mk. 3 - an observation
 on: Today at 03:05:09 
Started by maddog07 | Post by maddog07
Core32 is correct....

OK.... here's the deal, direct from "two" horses mouths.

My commercial electrician son-in-law says the voltage rating of a fuse only comes into play "after" the fusing element(wire) blows/melts.  
After the fuse blows, it then becomes the responsibility of the outer case of the fuse to prevent the voltage from arcing over from one end of the fuse to the other, thus bypassing the purpose of the fuse in the first place.  
So a higher voltage rated fuse is better at preventing this than a lower voltage rated one.
It is recommended and common practice to use a fuse with a voltage rating at least 2x the voltage of the circuit the fuse will be used in.

Per Zenmaster Steve... Torii should have a 5 amp fuse... only because if you turn on both sides of the amp at the same time, a 3.15 amp fuse may blow.  It does not need a 3 amp fuse at operational current draw.  He said, if you turn on one side of your amp at a time, a 3 amp fuse will protect it better and will not blow at turn on.

I unplugged everything from my PS Audio P5 regenerator and monitored the Torii's wattage draw at initial turn on, when the slow start mute circuit turns the music on and its steady state after the amp has warmed up.
The power fluctuation happens too fast to get a steady state read at
initial turn on, and when the mute circuit un-mutes.
But I can see something like 250-270 watts at turn on.  Then it drops quickly back to 150-170ish watts until it un-mutes.  When it un-mutes, it jumps up again very quickly for just a split-second to something over 200 watts and then settles back down.
After the amp has reached thermal stability, my Torii draws 153 watts steady as a rock per the P5.

I have my P5 set to output 118 volts, it's reducing not boosting, as we typically have voltage at our house over 120 volts, and it is not uncommon to see 125-126 volts.
So if we take the 153 watts draw of the Torii at 118 volts and assume a .9 power factor of the Torii's power supply(a guess on my part)... that equates to about a 1.4 - 1.5 amp steady state current draw.  
The Torii, being a class A design, does not draw more current as the volume goes up.  Idling or at ear-bleed levels, it draws the same current according to the meter on my P5.

I have never turned on both sides of my Torii at the same time in over 3 years... and thus I have never had a problem with the 3.15 amp fuses in it.

Now... let's talk "type" of fuse.  Ceramic fuses have a much better rating at stopping voltage arcing than glass cased fuses.  
So... if you really want to protect your investment... put a 3.15 amp 250 volt, fast-blo, ceramic fuse in it and turn on one channel at a time....

Yes I've tried boutique fuses... I "thought" they may have made a small improvement in a huge solid-state class A/B amp I once had, that actually had 4 fuses in it.  Two in each channel.  One fuse each on each leg of the power rails, positive and negative for each channel.  It had 12 amp fuses in these places.  When I was studying boutique fuses, I pulled the top off the case of this amp while it was operational and music was playing.. NO BS... I observed the fuse wire element of the glass cased fuses twitching/flexing to the beat of the music..!!!!  My audiofool pshyche simply could not accept this!!!!  So I bought some ceramic cased fuses, which are filled with silica, and thus the fuse wire is "damped" and should not be able to jump around - but you can't see into a ceramic fuse, so who knows - but it sure made me feel better and I was once again able to sleep at night.
Shortly after that I bought some boutique fuses... I thought they had a slight positive effect on the sonics of the amp.  If they really did or not - no one can say.  But since hearing is an "individual perception" and if you think you hear it - then you do - doesn't matter what anybody else thinks they hear, nor that nobody knows how to measure some characteristic of the sound.
That said... I have never even "thought" that I heard a boutique fuse make a difference in the sound of a component, if the fuse was simply in series with the IEC power cord socket, before the transformer or any other circuitry.  I don't even see, logically, how a fuse at the power cord input, before the power transformer possibly could have an effect on the sound.  I once heard the Zenmaster share this same opinion on boutique fuses.... And I tend to agree with him.  But there are those that would swear otherwise....  :)

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 on: Today at 03:01:10 
Started by Greg12 | Post by Greg12
Hi Mark,

Well the trouble remains with either input.  One input is my Oppo, the other is the ZP3.  No preamp.  It's weird in that I fiddle with the tubes and maybe get a signal for a bit, then it fades out to no signal minutes later.  Strange.

9  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 02:15:36 
Started by Lon | Post by Core32
Number 6......

10  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 02:13:20 
Started by Lon | Post by mark58
Lon,  this Impex Vinyl reissue of Ellington Indigos is very nice...

PS...My battery is almost dead.  Good Night all...