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1  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: Iíve been searching for new music all wrong
 on: Today at 20:48:48 
Started by Dana | Post by Dana
Yeah, not a lot of new Miles Davis albums coming out but you should try

Fred Plaut  https://www.discogs.com/artist/384857-Fred-Plaut?filter_anv=0&subtype=Technical&...

268 technical entries.  I suspect you own most of them but they're new to me and it helps build my a playlist.

2  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 19:43:33 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Jerry Garcia Band "Electric on the Eel" box set, disc 3 ('89 concert, set 2)

3  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: Iíve been searching for new music all wrong
 on: Today at 19:22:19 
Started by Dana | Post by Lon
That's interesting Dana. I have a very different sort of music I'm enjoying I guess, and music made in a different way.

In my youth albums like Aja and other studio produced rock albums enthralled me but I rarely listen to anything like that these days. I did a little bit of recording myself and have an idea of the skill and equipment needed to make those kind of recordings.

Honestly though I think I prefer recordings made BEFORE the 'Seventies and that sort of big studio engineering, and I am drawn to recordings that are much more simply engineered. For example live recordings done with just one to half a dozen microphones. Even one microphone stereo or mono recordings done live or "live in the studio."

To me some of the greatest recordings were made in label studios in the 'Fifties such as the Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington et al recordings for Columbia. These recordings played back on the original vinyl are amazing! As are for example many of the "RCA Living Stereo" recordings, "Mercury Living Presence," MGM and Clef and Verve label recordings, etc. And when I do look for recordings by engineer it's recordings by someone like Rudy Van Gelder. Van Gelder began recording in the mid-fifties by building his own equipment and recording in his parent's living room while working as an optometrist. Some of the very best recordings he made were made there for labels such as Prestige, New Jazz, Blue Note and Savoy. At the close of that decade he had a studio built to his specifications in a stand-alone building in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, and he recorded there until a few years ago. Although he was pretty secretive about his methods he basically recorded live with all players in one space, no to very little editing or over-dubbing, mixing live as the recording progressed. This type of recording gives an immediate and realistic sound that I look for and crave.

I listen more for the honesty of the recording and the performance than "spectacular sound" I guess. . . though I consider an honest and direct recorded product played back actually as "spectacular sound."

What is so cool about Decware equipment is it brings us closer to the recorded event and whatever type of recording we love we can really enjoy it.

4  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 19:13:53 
Started by Lon | Post by mark58

5  AUDIO FORUMS / Reviews / Re: Review of HR-1 after DecFest 2018 Upgrades
 on: Today at 18:54:46 
Started by Ron | Post by Lon
It's not the cost that worries me Joe. My wife made me dispose of the original packaging, and even with the original packaging one of the speakers was damaged on the way to me and I am just loathe to pack and ship these. I imagine a scenario one day when I might drive them to Bob or to E. Peoria when Bob might be there and take them back with him, but even that, with the way my wife and dog are not willing to be without me for a day or so, seems unlikely to happen.

If I still can manage the cost of the upgrade some time in the future after I get my Taboo Mk III and my ZTPE modded I may try to arrange a trip like that. . . but I have to have a lot of "home political capital" to do so and rarely have even a spoonful of that.

6  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Iíve been searching for new music all wrong
 on: Today at 18:49:00 
Started by Dana | Post by Dana
Iím experiencing an Aha Moment that Iíve been searching for new music all wrong.
First recordings are not just lies but damn lies (statistically speaking). †My favorite albums really only exist as recordings and never could be reproduced as live performances. That ďsoundĒ Iím looking for with depth, dynamics and realism are actually just snippets stitched together by a master craftsman. †Imaging is an illusion convincing but the not actually based on the position of the artist when the recording was made.

When did this aha moment occur you askÖ? †Iím constantly looking for that musical experience. †You know the one where the all the components come together and youíre transported into another state of existence. †On one of the many audio forums I read they asked what songs do you play to show off your stereo components? †As a stereo salesman in a life long ago this posting intrigued me and since Iím always looking for more music that helps me justify my stereo habit I clicked the link. †One of the repeated suggestions was a selection on the Shelby Lynn album Just a little Loviní. †Thanks to technology I was able to listen to album and they are correct it sounded great but why that one? †With a little research I found out it was engineered by Al Schmitt. †I also learned that every year the Grammys have a category for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical (thanks Wikipedia). †Since 1962 Al Schmitt has had 29 submissions including some of my out of body experiences Steely Dan Aja and FM (No Static at All). †Also Al Schmitt has engineered the albums of Natalie Cole, Diana Krall, Toto, Dr. John, Melody Gardot and Ray Charles which were all nominated for best engineered albums.

Another example is Danny Kopelson who wasnít nominated but was the engineer for Casandra Wilson, The Be Good Tanyas , Holly Cole, Liz Wright, Bill Evans and Art Pepper.

So now Iím using the Discogs search function and selecting technical contributions. †Going to Discogs and searching for Al Schmitt there are 702 technical entries. †So what Iíve discovered is that there are hidden gems of information that could help point me to toward the next great find. †With so much great music available finding next ďit albumĒ could be as simple as looking who engineered the special album you hold so dear and finding out what else they created.

For me my first example was the Natalie Cole Stardust album. †Wow

7  AUDIO FORUMS / Reviews / Re: Review of HR-1 after DecFest 2018 Upgrades
 on: Today at 18:40:46 
Started by Ron | Post by lazb
Lon, I am not sure exactly but items the size of speakers can be shipped via. bus for considerably less than conventional freight. There may be some insurance limitations.

8  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: The Truth about why modern pop music SUCKs
 on: Today at 18:37:19 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by lazb
Extremely pertinent, Steve. Thanks for sharing.

9  SPEAKER FORUMS / TRAPEZIUM / Re: which amp for Traps on Order
 on: Today at 18:27:35 
Started by bikehappy1 | Post by bikehappy1
For what it's worth, I actually went with a SE84UFO2 with the anniversary mods  and type II beeswax caps for my work amp. Since I'm listening at a near field distance, the power should be fine AND, when I send in the Torii for the mods, I'll have a decent amp to drive my home system!

10  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Today at 17:35:56 
Started by Lon | Post by mark58