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07/23/18 at 12:53:13†

1  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / CSP2 + for sale - $650
 on: Today at 10:19:00 
Started by Ravyn | Post by Ravyn
I have a CSP2+ with headphone jack that I no longer need, so he needs to go to a new home.  I've had it since 2012, there are some dings to the base, light rust on the transformer.  However it works perfectly.  

Oddly enough I'm not planning on including tubes.  I don't have the originals, and what I could throw together would probably not meet your taste.

If you seriously feel it's over priced, I'll entertain reasonable offers.  Payment through PayPal, buyer pays fees, shipping will be actual cost (CONUS only) .  I think UPS ground is probably the most economical, but if you want to pay for Priority Mail it's your choice.  

Please feel free to PM me with any questions or if you'd like me to email you pictures (can't figure out how to upload them here).


2  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: This Forum is a BBS / Understanding Decware
 on: Today at 05:50:02 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by funch
Anyone here ever buy or sell something through Audio Mart? It was the
analog version of Audiogon, and was run by a guy in Crewe, VA out of
his home.

He charged a yearly subscription fee, and if you wanted to sell a piece of
equipment, you wrote/typed it out and mailed it to him. Then about
every month (or so), he would send out all the ads that he had received.
It was printed out on plain pieces of paper turned sideways, then folded
and stapled in the middle. Of course there were no pictures, just one
ad after another, with a space between each ad.

To buy, you simply called the number on the ad to talk to the seller.
Payment was made by sending the seller a check. I bought/sold several
things and never had a bad experience.  

3  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Long time lurker, New member
 on: Today at 05:37:47 
Started by Keith | Post by Keith
Hi all, just wanted to say hi. Been lurking here for about 4 years. Bought a Tori MkV about 3 years ago with the ERRx speakers.
Currently Running an Oppo 203 optically to A Hugo, Zpre, Zbit, ZMA and HR1 speakers . Great stuff 😁😁
Bought Steveís amps based on what I was reading in the forums. So thanks all for the education.
I Now have 12 diffusers ( about 27 square ft ) and 32 square feet of absorption is a small room!  Sounds awesome.
Drooling over the 25th and the DNA 2.  Would be a better match for my room. But not willing to give up the current system .
For new customers, Steveís company and Bob Ziegler are first class to deal with. No worries there.
Once again I want to say thanks for all the great posts, info and cordial exchange. Itís refreshing.

4  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Thoughts on Chord 2qute or qutest for torii mkiV
 on: Today at 05:03:46 
Started by RF | Post by Keith
Long time lurker here. Bought a tori MK V about three years ago. Bought the Chord Hugo at the same time. I love the chord dacs. Think they sound great with the tori. Still running the Hugo with a ZMA. I am saving up for the Chord Hugo TT2. Lots of info on Headfi forums about the different models and the designer Rob Watts chimes in quite often.
Rob is as passionate about his dacs as Steve is about his amps.
Great combo
The only thing I would do with the Chord and the Tori is either get a Hugo that puts out voltage or add one of Steveís Pre amps. The amp likes voltage.
I run my Hugo through the Zpre, (had an rca to balanced input installed) through the Zbit into the ZMA or Tori.
Bought the Zpre anticipating the Hugo TT, which has balanced out.
Rob does say that he believes his rca out is better than balanced out.
I listened to Steve about the amps and riding the gain 😀 and I like the option.
The Chord dacs are pretty transparent, great combo with Steveís amps
Hope that helps

5  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / ZMA / Re: Anyone Tube Roll with the ZMA yet?
 on: Today at 04:31:08 
Started by Lonely Raven | Post by Archie
KT88s won't bias lower although I bought a quad that do.  For all I know though, mine aren't true KT88s.  They were unlabeled and only claimed by the seller to be KT88s.

6  EQUIPMENT FORUMS / ZMA / Re: Anyone Tube Roll with the ZMA yet?
 on: Today at 03:56:39 
Started by Lonely Raven | Post by NormD
Stone:  The KT88ís sound intruiging. I am curious as to why such a high bias. Steve recommends no more than 60ma in the ZMA manual. Could you run them at 50ma? 60ma?

Anyone else with experience running KT88ís?  Want bias are you running?

7  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Best Decware Amp for Low Listening Levels
 on: Today at 02:46:27 
Started by TheTakeOut | Post by TheTakeOut
From what I can tell I am looking for the answer to what appears to be a fairly common problem.  

I am interested in getting as much bloom/saturation as possible in my music at low listening levels.  I know that their are limits of how much detail the human ear can hear at low volumes, but I know that some amp speaker combos give more bloom for lower volume listening.  

My gut is that the 2 wpc Super Zen Triode paired with the Betsy open baffle speakers might be the answer.  Maybe I am a bit backwards though.  Maybe the amp needs to feel a load to give more current, so maybe the Super Zen Triode paired with the DM945 so they have to work a little harder?

It does seems like a SET class A amp would be key for my goal here.  

If memory serves I remember watching a paul mcgowan video where he says that every amp has a sweet spot.  I.E. when the volume pot is turned to a certain level it performs the best.  

I listen in a relatively smallish room so I hate having to turn the volume up to get bloom from the music.  I don't want to listen that loud to get as much detail as possible!

Thanks All!


8  AUDIO FORUMS / Replacement Tubes / Re: New Sophia Electric Aqua 274B tube
 on: Today at 02:37:20 
Started by busterfree | Post by Jess
Hi, i am new in this forum and happened to browse this topic.

I am considering to get Z-Rock2 next year as it is said to enhance the bass and it lead me to believe this might save users on tube rolling.  

My question is for those with ZR2, do you still need to tube roll the rectifier like the Sophia Aqua 274B? Is ZR2 not capable to deliver the attributes of this premium Aqua 274B.


9  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Torii MKIV Questions - Need Your Expertise
 on: Today at 01:39:51 
Started by Slapshot | Post by will
I agree with Lon. In a good setup the MKIV can sound great without a pre stage, good at bringing out various recordings qualities. And Steve's pres are Steve's, having similar considerations in development as his amps, so I think they are up to the Torii. But they do impart their own "flavors." I think it comes down to whether that flavor and whatever else the pre offers are what you might want.

For me, a primary benefit of a nice "pre" is "gain riding," either with an active pre-stage like the CSP3, or using a Zbit (or some other pre stages Steve makes). Gain riding is basically keeping the same relative volume as you turn up one component, and down the other, changing the balance of the pre and amp influences. With a CSP3 and/or Zbit between source and amp, their "volume" adjustments adjust the signal voltage going to the amp. This increases or decreases density, weight, lucidity...

I now use DAC>Zbit>CSP3>Torii IV. I think of the Torii as neutral across the volume range I use, so use its volume to establish listening levels for the most part. The Zbit and CSP3 can be used to adjust the character of the signal more. Source voltage changes make more notable differences to sonic values once turned up enough. Once there, I find their optimal "volume" ranges narrower. Roughly speaking, I could say I adjust them to beef up lean recordings, or to lean down denser darker ones, but all within a relatively narrow range that nicely brings out lucidity, body, weight, dynamics, etc, without being over-stated. Once optimal gains balance is found, any recording can be tuned to sounding best in a given system/room.

If I take out the CSP3, I get a clearer/simpler picture in ways, but miss the rich OTL character, the particular lucid/dynamic musicality of a well setup CSP3. When I take out the Zbit, I miss its clarifying, solidifying and dynamic flavor.

A possible caveat: The two together can be used to increase signal density more than just one, and all that comes with increased signal. Depending on all else, this can increase thickness. In my setup, with the added density of both, I prefer them set pretty high to best reveal their dynamic lucidity, clarifying and balancing the increased density. Here, with hot recordings, this signal push can put me closer to clipping at lower listening levels.

The CSP3 has a very wide voltage range and is an active preamp, I think up to 30V. Whereas, I think the Zbit gain control is all attenuation, its highest level, the voltage its source puts out.

My DAC RCA out = 3V, and its balanced outs = 6V. I run the Zbit volume pot from roughly 1 to 4 o'clock. Average, this may be 4 of 6V. But 4V is higher than 3 from the RCAs, lowering the clipping volume of the CSP3 some.

I'm not sure exactly what all is happening with this clipping. It may just be the higher voltage combination maxing out the Torii earlier? Or maybe higher input voltage can cause the CSP3 to saturate itself easier? Or maybe the combined increases in dynamics, with both the Zbit and CSP pushed pretty hard, results in deeper saturation. Whatever, in my setup, the Zbit before the CSP3, causes a bigger, more resolving, more clarified sound, but with some recordings that dip into saturation, it contributes to distortion at lower overall volume levels.

That said, I can easily avoid distortion and get totally satisfying listening levels. I just like the sound best with both pre stages pushed, causing some hot recordings to act up, so wanted to mention it. Hope this did not confuse things. I would still love my sound with only the CSP3, and with only the Zbit, but love having them both more!

For simplicity and price, I would get the Zbit. But for me, if I had to choose one, it would be the CSP3. The only other Deckert pre-stage I have experience with is the Zstage, and though technically more transparent, I liked the CSP3 better. My CSP is tuned to the gills though, and some others would likely prefer the simplicity of the Zbit.

Part of my preference for the CSP3 is the difficult-to-describe OTL lucid/dynamic character, but also that it has three tube positions for tuning; independent input and output stage volume adjustments you can tune separately from the main volume pot, in order to pull the most from the tubes, and to adjust right-left balance; headphone outputs; and two inputs for sources. You can get a serious range of sound from different tube sets and these tuning adjustments.

Though musical transparency seems primary with Steveís amp development, the CSP3 does have more parts, so innately a little less transparent. But all parts are not equal, and more parts can be mitigated by design and tuning, both during the build, and later with tubes, setup, cables, etc. The Zbit has very few parts, but does have a sound, also a good one to me. I think you can get a Zbit made with right/left attenuators and with dual inputs also, narrowing the functional gap.

So either of these and more might be nice additions to the MKIV depending on what you want.

And now there is a CSP3-25, a highly tuned CSP3 by the look of it!

In my experience, we don't need these to get great sound from the Torii MKIV. They can enhance it though.

Hope this helps.


10  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: This Forum is a BBS / Understanding Decware
 on: Today at 01:17:46 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by Mark
My father worked as a field engineer for IBM for 30 yrs. Worked on large mainframe computers... †He died in 1981... Before the PC revolution... If only he could see it now... I'm sure he'd be amazed...

It used to take a whole room of equipment to do what a single PC can do now... Actually, the PCs of today are more powerful than that whole room of equipment...

He also was an electronics hobbyist, ham operator, a tube Hi Fi buff, way back in the 50s... †I was pretty young then, but remember him showing me stuff in his shop / radio shack... (m.)

Correction: He was a Hi Fi buff... Everything was tubes back then...