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11/20/17 at 13:49:30 


1  AUDIO FORUMS / D.I.Y. / Re: The next project after the last one
 on: Today at 07:38:33 
Started by Donnie | Post by Jeff of Arabica
Free and just as easy to use as Photobucket

2  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Post an audio- or music-related picq
 on: Today at 02:01:14 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Just posted this on the Decware Facebook page. . . .

3  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Re: One pair of HDT's for sale
 on: Today at 01:18:53 
Started by CK722 | Post by chumily
PM sent.

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 on: Yesterday at 23:30:04 
Started by chumily | Post by chumily

5  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Listening Room Design
 on: Yesterday at 23:27:57 
Started by chumily | Post by chumily

6  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Cleaning out the audio closet: revised list.
 on: Yesterday at 22:15:01 
Started by neac1976 | Post by neac1976
Hello all.  My name is Mark and although I post rarely, I have been a member of this forum for years and read it everyday.  The items listed below have been stored for a while as I upgraded along the audio path.  All items are in as new condition and work as they should.  I do not have a Pay Pal account, so money orders or personal checks are fine.  Please P.M. me and I will email or text you with pictures and answer any questions.

1. My Audio Cables Sound Pipe Power Cords.  They were purchased new from MAC and I think that I paid about $300.00 apiece.
a. 1 power cord @ 5 feet-$50.00
b. 2 power cords @ 8 feet-$75.00 each.
These make wonderful guitar and bass amplifier cords.

2. Audio Art Interconnects
Model # IC-3SE with Sound Connections Xhadow Precision RCA's, the same model pictured on his website.
a. 1 pair @ 60" long-$85.00
b. 3 pair @ 80" long-$115.00 each pair

3. Less Loss DFPC Power Cord with Oyaide connectors ( the same one pictured on his website). List, three years ago was $625.00.
a. 1 cord at 88"-$135.00

4. Decware Studio Grade Interconnects, made by the master for me for a custom installation.  
a. 48" pair with "Tweed" sheathing-$45.00
b. 80" pair with black sheathing-$45.00

5. Decware Silver Reference DSR Interconnects
a. 1 pair of 50" interconnects-$115.00

6. Decware DHC-1 Power Cord
a. one power cord-$115.00

7. Decware ZCD 200i Tubed CD Player
This unit has performed flawlessly for more than five years.  I purchased it for $1225.00 and it comes with two new tubes and a Harmony Optical One interconnect that connects the player to your DAC.  I am selling it, because fourteen months ago, I stored all of my CD's into a Music Vault Music Server.  I have the original box, manual and remote. This unit is pristine.
a. ZCD 200i- $390.00

8. Dayton SA 1000 Sub Woofer Amplifier
Bob Z. built a custom sub woofer for me that matched my pair of Decware HDT MK II's and this powered that sub for 6.5 months, I then started using a Torii MK II amplifier for the task.  I believe that I paid about $375.00 for the amp, it is in pristine condition and has been stored in its original box.
a. 1 Dayton Sub Amp-$90.00

Thank you for your interest,

7  AUDIO FORUMS / D.I.Y. / Re: The next project after the last one
 on: Yesterday at 21:46:55 
Started by Donnie | Post by Donnie
I got busy the last few days and built a pair of Pass transmission line speakers.
I broke down and bought some tools to help speed things up, a Kreg Accu-Cut and a nice new Bosh circular saw. My quality definitely took a big jump forward.
I modified the design by using two drivers in each speaker and adding a tweeter.
So far I'm pretty happy, it is looking like I over stuffed them but that is a easy fix.
Right now they are a little bass shy, but some break in and playing with stuffing will see if they wake up. If so then I will doll them up and give them to someone.
I need to find someplace new to host pictures so I can show them off.

8  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Steve/Decware & Company.....Developments?
 on: Yesterday at 20:31:53 
Started by stone_of_tone | Post by beowulf
@ stone - agree, I was not really interested in the 6c33c mono's for the tube compliment, but rather the wattage/headroom and SET circuit.

Living here in the dry hot San Diego climate, I don't think I would ever be interested in the 6c33c mono's anyways due to the heat of that tube.  it's already mid November and we just turned our A/C off last week and opened our windows ... but a couple of days ago it got so hot I was almost tempted to turn it back on.  I live in a place where we keep our windows open pretty much all winter then close them back up late June to early July and run the A/C pretty much until late October all the way up to mid November when we can open the windows back up again.  I've read those 6c33c tubes are like mini space heaters and don't think they would bode well for my area.

@ busterfree and stone - a hot rod'ed 10-12 watt Rachel (in either single or mono chassis) that could come in between the price of a Torii Jr and Torii would really fit the bill for me.  Not only would that be my dream amp, but it would fill a gap in the lineup as far as wattage goes as well.

9  SUPPORT FORUMS FOR CURRENT DECWARE GEAR / ZBIT / Re: The ZBIT makes many DAC's sound twice as good!
 on: Yesterday at 20:10:32 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by Lon
Interesting. I wonder why that is with the DAC and amp but hey it sounds great so no worries!

Yes, the ZBIT and Taboo are truly a great match. I also this weekend tried ZBIT into ZROCK2 and into Taboo Mk IV and WHOA. That's a very good WHOA.

10  SUPPORT FORUMS FOR CURRENT DECWARE GEAR / ZBIT / Re: The ZBIT makes many DAC's sound twice as good!
 on: Yesterday at 19:46:58 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by alper_yilmaz
Smiley Smiley Smiley

I just tried it again, Lon.  

Hegel HD30 --> ZBIT --> Copland

Two observations...

- The RCA outputs of the Hegel gives as much volume as when the ZBIT is fully cranked up.  Should not be the case, but I wonder this has anything to do with the Hegel, or the input stage of my Copland.

- The sound without the ZBIT is fuller with a deeper soundstage.

But with the TABOO, it is a different story.  In my setup, the TABOO is all the way up and the ZBIT is around 2:00 o'clock.  And maybe the first time, I am enjoying the TABOO this much with the headphones...