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11/26/15 at 21:36:55

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 on: Today at 21:32:49 
Started by Lon | Post by mark58
Now some feats of strength...no that ain't right...that's December 24th.  Oh well, this now...

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 on: Today at 20:30:51 
Started by Lon | Post by mark58
Behind again.  Played the first and now it's time for Joni...I still am amazed at the sound I'm getting from these 6DJ8s for which I paid less than $16 total. Some serious Mojo going on here!!...

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 on: Today at 20:13:33 
Started by orangecrush | Post by mark58
Will, I have only used one NOS input tube in my Torii...the White Label 7308s and have never tried others there.  I initially loved the RFT EL-34s and bought two extra quads but then, as you know, the high end on many of the Music Matters Blue Note Vinyl reissues became too irritating.  I put resistors in the HR-1s and tried a quad of Russian output tubes that helped but much of the RFT magic was lost.  Then you turned me onto the Nanotech Systems speaker cables and again I was able to use the RFTs.  At Lon's urging I tried some Voodoo Evolution interconnects and that was another step in the right direction. My high end problem has pretty much left the building.  Now I satisfy my urge to tinker by rolling tubes in the ZP3 and the input tube of the CSP3...also the input tubes of the Zen Signature Mono blocks in the second system are rolled often lately. Things sound pretty good here...no complaints.  I hope I can help others get where they want to go with their sound as you and others have helped me.  Mark.

PS...Will, you have recently talked about some GZ-32 rectifiers...I am happy with the Ken Rad WW II 5U4Gs I have in the Torii but haven't found anything that I like better than the Valve Art 274B Steve sent with the CSP3.  What do you think about one of those Mullard GZ-32s there?  

4  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Help deciding which 6922/6DJ8/7308/PCC88
 on: Today at 19:22:22 
Started by orangecrush | Post by will
When I find values there, I have bought a lot of tubes from tubemonger over the years and I think they are reliable folks...helpful and taking care of issues if they show up.


Ha! My ears are skin colored!

For American Amperex, I have heard White PQs, Orange PQs (I think '70) and the Green Globes, so can't comment on others.

I have enjoyed them all, though I agree that the white PQ is the best all around tube with a special character. However, it can sound great or pretty low average depending on context, as can the others.

And please don't mistake my preferences for a live performance vibe and interest in complex detail for bright. I would be very surprised if most here would find my sound lacking warmth, or edgy. I really don't like the wince factor with edgy recordings and work to find that balance of relatively unrestricted complex detail without hardness. I also doubt if it is my ears or perception, but rather, I likely have a more revealing system than most since I do seem to hear things many don't. I think I have just explored revelation without edginess for a long time and pretty deeply.

The more I follow this, the more I realize there are many different ways to get warmth and body, and it can definitely be gotten without detail loss or muddle. I am finding lately that a blend of tube tonal characters in combination is a really good way to get warmth and body without dumbing down detail or creating hardness. But those complex detail qualities have to be there in source, all the tubes, amps and cables to get there, and without room adjusting the EQ too much, or impediment distortions and noise from rough power or vibration. These things can make hard what was potentially lovely complex detail, detail that has enough micro information to feather the edges into beauty rather than hardness.

So I guess our input choices are based on balancing everything in our systems. For example, I think I have mentioned that I can't listen to your chosen power tubes, RFT/Siemens. I have tried many times, but they balance too hot in the upper mids and highs, and tend to a little dark down lower...for me...in this system/room. Very compelling how they do it, but for me, they sound unnatural. This is not to say it is not an awesome tube, I just prefer what my source/system/room reveal as more linear. But in your system/room, with the other tubes, source, cables and so on you use, those tubes are really remarkable, in part balanced by American Amperex white labels.

I am doing a similar thing now I think. The Telefunken ECC88 I have in the front of the CSP3 really is too intensely thick/warm compared to most tubes I have used, but had really compelling qualities, so I have balanced it with some tubes that could be a bit too open in some other settings and the sound is amazing.

Seems seeking the beauty sound has many paths, really as many as there are parts in a system and room!

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 on: Today at 19:10:40 
Started by orangecrush | Post by mark58
Hi Fi,  that's what I figured out today.  I always assumed the Green labels were from the 70's but never looked at them because I never considered buying any.  It's pretty obvious to me now that some tubes manufactured in the NY plant about the same time, emerged with either orange or green print.  If anyone can find an explanation for this...please share.

But the whole discussion is moot because I don't like the New York made Amperex Orange labeled 6922s from 1968 that I have so I will never buy anything but the White label NY white label 6922s in the future.  Mark.

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 on: Today at 18:47:37 
Started by Lon | Post by mark58
I have no idea when or where I bought this CD but the why is obvious. This is the first time I've listened to it...so far, very nice...

PS...this is very well recorded...I had to pull the insert to find out more.  It was recorded in 1992 with Eddie Gomez and Jack Dejohnette, both played with Bill Evans.  Bernie Grundman did the mastering...job well done Bernie!


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 on: Today at 18:44:36 
Started by orangecrush | Post by hifitubes
You will find green and orange label mixed late 60s production.


8  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Re: SE34I.4 "Rachel" $1,150
 on: Today at 18:32:52 
Started by BillO | Post by BillO
And I'm trying to throw her out on Thanksgiving Day. I may need therapy!

9  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / Re: SE34I.4 "Rachel" $1,150
 on: Today at 18:30:22 
Started by BillO | Post by mark58
Billo, when it comes to Decware Amps, three is not a crowd.  I have three...seems like the right number...until I buy another.  ;)  I think you may hurt Rachael's feelings.  I hope she finds a good home soon.  Mark.

10  AUDIO FORUMS / Classifieds / SE34I.4 "Rachel" $1,150
 on: Today at 18:16:28 
Started by BillO | Post by BillO
Single ended triode. One year old. As configured, cost $2,045 new (not counting extra tubes).
Four pair inputs ($250)
Variable RCA outputs ($100)
JupiterII Beeswax caps ($200)
Single volume control, walnut base.
Tubes: Gold Lion KT77 (cryoset matched pair) plus matched JJ EL34 output tubes.
Price does not include shipping. Will ship to US addresses only.

Beautiful amp. Sounds much larger than it's rated 6 watts.

I now have three Decware amps so must sadly depart with Rachel.