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01/17/18 at 03:17:03


1  SUPPORT FORUMS FOR ZKITS / ZKIT 1 Support forum / Re: Finished my two ZKITs + custom chassis
 on: Today at 02:44:38 
Started by 13stoploss | Post by claudio
really nice job! im waiting for transformers.

2  AUDIO FORUMS / D.I.Y. / Re: New Idea for 'Voltage Box' project
 on: Today at 02:36:09 
Started by 4krow | Post by 4krow
A bit of an update on the build. I have made a brass 'stand/mount' for the two ceramic solder lugs, and then proceeded to install ground wires to the ground bus that I placed on the Bakelite panel. The fine/coarse attenuator used here provides 66 steps by means of a ladder and series resistor arrangement designed by John Broskie. Very useful. It is going slow, but fortunately, this is not as complicated as it could be. I just want to get it right as possible.

3  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Palomino Audio Project
 on: Today at 02:24:25 
Started by Palomino | Post by Palomino
Next up may be an Eminence 8A.

4  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Palomino Audio Project
 on: Today at 02:10:14 
Started by Palomino | Post by Lonely Raven
There has to be another solution. Especially if you're running those AMT tweeters. We need to find a fast driver the compliments them well.

 on: Yesterday at 21:48:58 
Started by whoopycat | Post by Tal
Congrats on the new amp!
I have the Zrock2 connected to two UFO2's, and feel that the Zrock has significantly improved, not only the bass, but the overall fullness of the music.
Granted my setup is different than you. The Zrock feeds from my ZP3 which feeds from my TT, and I don't have any digital sources. However, you may want to play with the Zrock more to see if you can find the sweet spot.

6  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Yesterday at 20:58:50 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Barry Miles "White Heat" Mainstream Records/Solid Records Japan cd

Bass [Fender], Bass [Acoustic] Victor Gaskin
Congas Warren Smith
Drums Terry Silverlight
Guitar John Abercrombie, Pat Martino
Keyboards Barry Miles
Saxophone [Tenor], Flute Lou Tabackin

7  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Yesterday at 20:06:37 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Lionel Hampton "You Better Know It" Impulse!

Clark Terry, Ben Webster, Lionel Hampton, Hank Jones, Milt Hinton, Osie Johnson

8  AUDIO FORUMS / Music / Re: What's spinning?
 on: Yesterday at 19:10:30 
Started by Lon | Post by Lon
Tom Harrell "Labyrinth"

Baritone saxophone Gary Smulyan
Bass Larry Grenadier
Drums Billy Hart
Oboe Rob Botti
Piano Kenny Werner, Tom Harrell
Shaker, Congas, Cowbell Leon Parker
Tenor Saxophone Don Braden , Joe Lovano
Trombone Steve Turre
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Arranged By Tom Harrell

9  AUDIO FORUMS / General Discussion and Support / Re: Palomino Audio Project
 on: Yesterday at 18:22:20 
Started by Palomino | Post by Palomino
I switched back to the Tang Band W8 1808 from the Silver Flute.  I believe the Tang Band driver images more precisely and has more soundstage depth - even it is forward sounding in comparison to the Silver Flute.

The Tang Band also has less of a pinned to the speaker sound on those tracks that are very left/right centric.  You know, where there is no disappearing act for the speakers.

I will pop the Silver Flutes back in at some point, but for now, I'm saying I prefer the Tang Bands.

 on: Yesterday at 15:34:18 
Started by Steve Deckert | Post by Lon
Man, sorry to read of your problems with treble distortion. I haven't heard any distortion myself . . .I would definitely be concerned if I did.

I don't know enough about the DSD to be of any help. I've been so enthralled with my DirectStream DAC and its balanced output has been so compatible with ZTPRE and ZBIT that I get amazing transparency. When I first ordered and then canceled and re-ordered the ZROCK2 I was fearful of encountering just the situation you are experiencing. . . but instead I've had a transformative experience.

In your shoes I'd follow the plan you outline, and try to talk with Steve and seek his advice. . . . I'm certainly hoping that there's a way to get both the output stage benefit and the great benefit of the ZROCK2.

Mark should have his ZROCK2 today I believe, here's hoping he has no issues.

I spent four days listening to headphones and a straight from ZBIT to Taboo Mk IV pathway (no ZROCK2) for four days because my wife was off. Today the system is playing, ZROCK2 to Torii Mk III to HR-1 and boy does it sound great --I feel really blessed.