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Message started by Artem on 08/12/19 at 12:31:37

Title: Switch from original Tascam to ZDSD
Post by Artem on 08/12/19 at 12:31:37

Hello everybody!

I have original Tascam DA-3000 recorder. The main question is: should i switch to ZDSD/ will it give me better results in my system?
I live in eastern Europe so can't try - i rely on opinions.

As i understood ZDSD modification (i suppose it is like ZBIT) is system dependent. My system is: Transcendent sound Mini Beast  OTL amplifier + Omega Super 3 XRS 1.5 way speakers.
I use passive linestage. Now turning the volume knob to more than 95% position i hear distorted sound. So now output of Tascam and input of amplifier is almost balanced. On some recordings i even can use the system without a linestage (direct connection).

Are there any chances that Mini Beast can sound better with such higher input voltage like ZDSD have? Or it will distort further? If i will lower the volume level on linestage - it will just return the sound to the original, or it can be better?


Title: Re: Switch from original Tascam to ZDSD
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 08/12/19 at 16:16:23

Hi Artem,
You are correct in that the ZDSD is like having a built in ZBIT.  However, if you add the ZBIT externally, you have the additional benefit of signal attenuation allowing you to dial up, and dial back the voltage which is a wonderful feature.  If I were you, I would add a ZBIT to your DA-3000.  

With regard to your distortion question, it is hard to comment on without knowing what is causing the distortion you hear.  Just to be clear, are you simply hoping to improve the sound?  If so, what it is that your sound in lacking that you would like the ZBIT to solve?  

Your amp, run unbridged, has an input sensitivity of 1 volt.  Most source equipment running unbalanced has an output voltage of 2 volts.  This means that your amp will reach its maximum output at a lower volume setting on your passive pre-amp when sending the amp a 2 volt signal (or much higher voltage with the ZBIT).  

Regardless of the distortion issue, there is no doubt the ZBIT will improve the sound potential of the DA-3000.  However, I cannot say for certain how your particular amplifier will react to that higher signal voltage.  

Title: Re: Switch from original Tascam to ZDSD
Post by Ullur on 08/13/19 at 01:07:58

For what it's worth, I agree with just adding a ZBIT. It will allow greater flexibility in your system allowing you to use it with whatever device you choose. I own a ZDSD  and love it. But I have thought there could be advantages to having the separate units.

Title: Re: Switch from original Tascam to ZDSD
Post by Artem on 08/14/19 at 12:38:59

Thanks, Jeff!
By reaching distortion area i mean that the amplifier is already overloaded by high voltage (because amplifier inpuit sensistivity is quite small). So may be i don't need additional voltage - it could be a benefit for somebody else with a very low voltage source. Trying Zbit is expensive option because i should buy also good XLR cables.
I don't know what i am lacking - i just hope to improve the sound.

Title: Re: Switch from original Tascam to ZDSD
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 08/14/19 at 21:10:02

The ZBIT does not merely make things louder by the increased dB boost of the XLR outputs on the Tascam.  Based on my experience with this device, it increases density and dynamics, regardless of volume output.  As a matter of fact, with the ZBIT, you may enjoy the music more on a lower output volume setting.  

That being said, you will need to "ride the gain" between the ZBIT and your passive pre-amp otherwise you will more easily find yourself in Distortion Land.  Your amp can only produce 4watts max (12w  bridged) so increasing the signal voltage means paying better attention to attenuation as you will hit your 4 watts easier with ZBIT in the chain.  

Title: Re: Switch from original Tascam to ZDSD
Post by Lon on 08/14/19 at 22:12:04

Jeff is right. I know it's an expensive option, but there's few other options like it, and it makes every component it's attached to "better sounding." I have two, and will one day have one more. . . .

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