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Message started by Jackie Badman on 04/28/19 at 05:34:00

Title: Imperials for 2-Way, with Klipsch K402 Horn?
Post by Jackie Badman on 04/28/19 at 05:34:00

Hi all, first time poster, long time lurker.  

I have been admiring Steve's Imperials for a long time, but have journeyed off on other paths - Klipschorns, Altecs etc.  But the time has come to build something truly special.  

I would like to hear thoughts on using the Imperials beneath Klipsch K402 horns / Faital HF200 compression drivers (on their way to me now), with dual 15" drivers taking care of everything else.

The K402/Faital combo should permit a theoretical crossover at 600hz, where the Imperials roll off, if I am not mistaken.

The K402 has been used on the Klipsch Jubilee bins, amongst others, including the Klipsch MWM bins. The MWM has long occupied my mind as there are several advantages - passive crossovers are available and others have paved the way. But they are only good to 45ish hz and protrude into the room significantly.

Just how low will the Imperial get me, and do you see any issue with a 2-way (active xo + biamped) system based on the Imperial?

Many thanks!

Title: Re: Imperials for 2-Way, with Klipsch K402 Horn?
Post by Brian on 08/11/19 at 05:18:53

Hello Jackie! Welcome to the forum!

I am exited by your combination. I would love to hear that.
I foresee no problems, I think bi-amping ought to be an excellent solution. I don't know that one amp and a crossover would be bad.  If the woofer is not as efficient as the treble horn, you could pad the treble down some. Bi-amping however seems like less compromise.  
I am eager to read your listening report.  
What type of music will you be playing through them? The Imperials especially interest me for Choir and large classical.

Best wishes for your build success,

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