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Message started by hdrider on 04/14/19 at 23:23:27

Title: Reverse Record Store Day
Post by hdrider on 04/14/19 at 23:23:27

I hope some of you got out and supported your local vinyl shop, I did while I was out on errands yesterday and picked up a Joe Cocker greatest hits, Roy Buchanan- When A Guitar Plays the Blues and Tony Banks Film Soundtracks...but that's not the point of this post. I want to send someone (only one) a signed copy of my friend Robert Berry's 3.2 vinyl album. In the 80's Robert was in a band called 3 with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer, they kicked butt and were short lived because people could not accept KE and CP without Greg Lake. Their loss in my opinion. Now if you're not into progressive rock, Asia, ELP type music this may not be for you. Go to youtube and look up 3.2 and watch/listen to a couple of tracks. I have given out three of the CD's and two albums so far, no one has offered it back to me. Anyway, send me a short PM about your love of some genre of rock and why you want this album and I'll send it off (only the continental USA folks, sorry). Robert reached out to me in early December when he received the test pressings (only 3 exist and he gave me 001) and he knows me as an outspoken vinyl advocate. I met him at his studio (Soundtek- Campbell, CA) and he explained that he know no one who had a vinyl rig like mine or was that much of a fanatic. He told me to give it a listen and let me know if he should sign off on the master. He had heard the pressing at home via headphones but needed someone more experienced with records to validate what he heard. I did, and I loved it. I had the CD for months. Now, this is multitracked with Robert Berry playing everything. It is not a purist minimal mic'ed audiophile spectacular blah blah, just very dam good music from his heart directed at his friend Keith Emerson.  Let me know and happy listening, Chris.

Title: Re: Reverse Record Store Day
Post by Lon on 04/14/19 at 23:56:39

I didn't go out and support my local store. My local store is about an hour away, and I only wanted one item: the Bob Dylan RSD release, and obviously not enough to spend a half a day traveling, waiting in line, etc.

That's a young man's game!

Glad you got what you wanted! It's not my cup of tea, but we're all different and we're all music lovers.

Title: Re: Reverse Record Store Day
Post by hdrider on 04/18/19 at 02:38:14

Acetone was the first to reach out, so his album is on the way. Please post any new music that touches your heart (and ears), not just the audiophile stuff but the stuff that makes you shed a tear. That's what it's about folks...the glowing tubes that Steve provides are a side blessing. I hope everyone has a fun, family, music filled weekend. Happy listening. Chris.

Title: Re: Reverse Record Store Day
Post by Zach.Attaque on 05/03/19 at 05:59:46

Got a few things I'm pretty psyched about, but man, RSD madness is a thing! Out of curiosity, I looked on ebay and people were already listing items for 3-5 times the selling price. Kind of kills the spirit of it all imo.

Title: Re: Reverse Record Store Day
Post by Dartman5095 on 08/11/19 at 13:35:38

I think it's sad that they dont make enough of the big titles for people to have enough without paying an atm and leg for special releases.

Title: Re: Reverse Record Store Day
Post by Lon on 08/11/19 at 15:10:40

It's the nature of the beast I guess. If they made more fewer would feel compelled and propelled to the record store to grab a copy, and "Record Store Day" would be less of a thing.

It's such a pain for me to get to a local store that I am glad that they produce very few of these special releases that tempt me at all. The ones I have been interested in (one Bob Dylan, a few Sun Ra, and a Thelonious Monk) I have been able to obtain online after the RSD fact at prices I was willing to pay in store or out.

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