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Message started by DBC on 02/24/18 at 15:57:36

Title: DBC Listening Room #2:
Post by DBC on 02/24/18 at 15:57:36

Was lucky enough to pick up a pair of 6 month old Omega Super 3i Monitors at a great price. This prompted me to get serious about set-up and room treatment in my second listening room (12'x12'x8'). Main purpose for this room is to test the combination of a great Monitor Speaker with my 12" SLAB's (low frequency open baffle).

WOW, I'm really loving the Totally Imersive and Full Sound. More to follow.

Title: Re: DBC Listening Room #2:
Post by Lon on 02/24/18 at 17:29:14

Looks great!

Title: Re: DBC Listening Room #2:
Post by beowulf on 02/24/18 at 22:48:33

Wow, you did get serious about that space!  How are the subs hooked up?

Looking forward to reading more ... 8-)

Title: Re: DBC Listening Room #2:
Post by Donnie on 02/24/18 at 23:18:32

Holy sheep shit! You are catching up with the Chicago boys.

Title: Re: DBC Listening Room #2:
Post by DBC on 02/25/18 at 15:30:16

Image quality is not the best, had to scale down the resolution quite a bit to get it to fit properly here.

The absorption panels along the side walls I've had in my main listening room for years. These are free standing so easy to move when experimenting. The diffusors on the front wall are GIK Acoustic Gridfusors. These are 2'x2' with a depth of over 5 inches. Two additional diffusors are mounted on the rear wall behind the listening position.

Originally I was listening in this room with no treatments. It's really interesting what the SLAB's add to an untreated or modestly treated room. Without the SLAB's connected the Omega Super 3i's sound like they don't quite fill the Room. Soundstage goes about 2/3 of the way up the front wall. Connect the SLAB's and room walls just disappear. Adding the treatments literally transports you into the original recording space.

Been developing and refining the SLAB's for about 3 years now. Since these are Open Baffle they just don't produce Room Boom in the lower frequencies. This way you can use a great monitor like the Super 3i that by itself might be a bit light on Bass but has Speed, Mids and Highs to die for. Listening now to Gary Clark Jr. Live and his guitar is just SOARING !!!!

Driving everything with a stock Zen Select (2-watts per channel). Amp connected to speakers via banana connectors. Slab's connected to speaker 5-way binding posts via spade connectors so it's a simple parallel hook-up with no crossover. The simplicity of the circuit allows all the low frequency detail and ambiance the Decware amp is capable of to shine through.

More thoughts later.

Title: Re: DBC Listening Room #2:
Post by mark58 on 02/25/18 at 18:44:42

DBC, so both sets of speakers run from the same speaker plate amp involved?  You know me...not too technically savvy.  Looks great, I can only imagine the sound you're getting.  Mark.

Title: Re: DBC Listening Room #2:
Post by DBC on 02/25/18 at 19:54:48

Hello Mark,

You are correct on the SLAB speaker level connections. Plus & Minus from each SLAB is simply connected to the Plus & Minus terminal at each of your speakers.

If the cables from your amp connect to your speakers via bare wire or spades, then the SLAB cables would connect to your speaker terminals using banana's.

If the cables from your amp connect to your speakers via banana's, then the SLAB cables would connect to your speaker terminals using spades.

No additional amp, No additional power cord, No additional interconnects, no knobs to constantly fiddle with.

I sent you a link via PM with additional info if interested.

Title: Re: DBC Listening Room #2:
Post by DBC on 02/26/18 at 00:54:38

I have to say, the GIK Acoustic diffusors have more of a positive impact on this rooms sound than the absorption panels do. I suspect the carpeted floor is providing a reasonable amount of absorption to start with? Really two Gridfusors in the front and two in the rear are enough diffusion for this 12'x12'x8' room to have a very positive impact.

Not pushing the SE84CS hard at all to get to loud volumes, I mean "Kick Ass Volume". When connecting the SLAB's you get about an added 3 db boost in volume output from the same number of watts (more headroom).

The Omega 3i's are 8 ohm and the SLAB's are 8 ohm. When the SLAB's are connected (parallel configuration) the amp sees a 4 ohm load which is no sweat for this amp.

I've been back and forth between my main (much larger) listening room and this room. With the treatments in this room, when I close my eyes and just listen there is no sense of walls or the relative small room size.

When this room was untreated the SLAB's produce a very big soundstage. The room treatments simply kick things up a notch.

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