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Message started by erik2a3 on 02/22/18 at 13:03:24

Title: MT Power Transformer
Post by erik2a3 on 02/22/18 at 13:03:24


We developed a problem in our Mini Torii right channel power supply, which I've attributed to an internal power transformer short (in my experience with building and repair, a rare occurance with modern equipment).  I need to purchase a replacement, but unfortunately have neither the schemtic, nor parts list.

My wife bought me this amplifier several years ago, having personally spoken with Steve, and it is among our primary amplifiers -- as well as one of the very few I didn't build myself.

I am completely comfortable working on vacuum tube electronics, and the Mini Torii is a fairly straightforward design.  I simply don't have time to draw a schematic based on the layout, and think it would be helpful for one to be included in the owners manual.

If someone either from Decware or on this forum can provide the brand and model of PT, it would help me get this great little amp back up and running again.  I do not want to risk shipping, and simply don't need to go to that trouble.  I can take care of the work myself in an hour or two.

Assistance and/or support would be most appreciated!



Title: Re: MT Power Transformer
Post by erik2a3 on 02/23/18 at 00:41:35

Information obtained -- Again, thank you Steve!

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