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Message started by Lon on 02/05/18 at 01:24:10

Title: New Decware Group
Post by Lon on 02/05/18 at 01:24:10

Here, thanks to Steve for creating.

Title: Re: New Decware Group
Post by stone_of_tone on 02/07/18 at 19:09:42

Of course FB presence is great.

HOWEVER, Direct mail/targeted still works. IMHO, Decware needs to go this route. I am still a subscriber to Stereophile and receive direct mail audio pieces, from even Galen Carol Audio in San Antonio.

I still read ALL of the stereophile audio mart ads, in the back of SP!

Direct mail....the best though/I believe.

Targeted Lists, are probably not cheap....but, they work.

This is true:

"Do you think direct mail has gone the way of the dinosaur? Think again. In 2013, nearly two-thirds of all consumers bought something as a result of a direct mail piece, according to the Direct Mail Association (DMA). Not surprisingly, people age 65 and older are prime candidates for direct mail, since they tend to stay at the same address for many years and they enjoy reading their mail. What might surprise you is that young adults aged 18 to 34 are also highly responsive to direct mail, according to Epsilon. Why? Because young people are constantly inundated with email, spam and social media messages, direct mail stands out as something different.

If youíre still not convinced direct mail is worth adding to your marketing mix, consider this: Direct mail costs no more than print or pay-per-click advertising, according to the DMA, and has an average response rate of between 2 and 6 percent, depending on factors such as whether itís four-color, optimized or personalized. Compare this to email marketing, which has an average 0.12 percent response rate, according to Direct Mail News, and thereís no excuse for not giving direct mail a try."

Title: Re: New Decware Group
Post by stone_of_tone on 02/07/18 at 19:23:19

......and if DECWARE needs to raise the prices of the whole Line by cover targeted direct mail costs.....then so be it!

The whole line is worth every penny.

Title: Re: New Decware Group
Post by mark58 on 02/07/18 at 19:49:43

Let's not get carried away, Stone!  ;)

Title: Re: New Decware Group
Post by Martindfletcher on 02/08/18 at 14:10:50


That maybe why wife throws out most to all of my direct mail audio, bicycle, motorcycle adds

Title: Re: New Decware Group
Post by stone_of_tone on 02/08/18 at 15:21:40

;D ;D ;D

So true Martin. My GF, does not exactly hand me my direct mail/audio....especially the Audio Advisor quarterly and sometimes monthly catalog! † †

::) † †;D

She knows not to mess with the annual MusicDirect Catalog. I always like to see whom is on the cover. This year was Simom & Garfunkel.

Mark, right? 15%, is a little steep!

Title: Re: New Decware Group
Post by hdrider on 02/09/18 at 01:27:21

Stone- Totally agree about the direct route, but that said I am really enjoying seeing all the posts on FB. I would go up 7.5%. Happy listening, Chris.

Title: Re: New Decware Group
Post by stone_of_tone on 02/13/18 at 19:51:54

I concur HD Rider. 4 to 7.5% should cover it.

I also want to add this tidbit....because their are always a couple hundred or 400+ Guests at Decware!

Holy shnikey's! Steve stated over in the Development Thread..... .

I did not notice.....

"I would mention that when we went to the UFO output transformers, we set them up with a switch to select between LO and HI impedance speakers. †LO = 2~6 ohms †HI = 6~16 ohms."

So, if a newby (term of endearment/not a slight) is reading this can get a SE84UFO & ZU is running another Dirty get to audition them for 60 days and they will pay to ship back....if you no like-a-the Speaker's. † +, full credit within a upgrade if you so choose!†

........they are 12ohm....and don't let the 4 watt minimum scare you! The SE84UFO will drive them.... .

To get into this gig....for 2k (Speak's & Amp).....go for it out there.

.....Guests! ......I have owned Decware for 17 years.....I think you will too+............................ .

I forgot to add Caintuck Audio's Speaker's!

I own an OB Bass Alpha 15" from Caintuck. Wonderful Sub for a steal price.

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