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Message started by 4krow on 01/31/18 at 00:06:17

Title: Out of Your Head
Post by 4krow on 01/31/18 at 00:06:17

Has anyone had experience with this app? I am thinking that it might have potential. Darin Fong Audio is selling it for use with your computer and headphones to produce different audio presets. The intent is to 'copy' the sound of certain speaker signatures and even a recording studio or two. The copied speaker reproductions are of high end high priced types, that by my ear, don't live up to their prices, but one of them seemed to be very good. Because of my computer stupidity and the error that keeps coming up (but only on some computers), I have already decided on a refund. Crap, it might have been worth something to at least try.

Title: Re: Out of Your Head
Post by 4krow on 01/31/18 at 03:38:01

Here's a shock. Darin Fong called me personally, and took control of my computer online. Then he set up the app perfectly. I can turn it on or off as I please. I have got a lot of listening to do, but the ZMF headphones are unlikely to be beat. And running them through that Broskie amp... wow what a treat. But I will get to compare the sound of horn loaded systems as compared to ribbon speakers, and on and on. More later.

Title: Re: Out of Your Head
Post by 4krow on 02/10/18 at 07:43:25

I somehow got the program to run through Foobar, and well, it may seem contradictory, but yes, there ARE certain recordings that will benefit from this idea. First of all, Foobar is best used alone, meaning if you have a good recording/mix don't mess with it. On the other hand, I was listening to an Elvis recording that was mixed hard right, and hard left. That's what I say when drums are in one channel only, and guitar is in the other channel only. Out Of Your Head was the right choice in this case. It is easy to compare with the disable button right at hand.

Title: Re: Out of Your Head
Post by 4krow on 03/02/18 at 17:51:12

Not a great update, but here goes. OOYH has had enough glitches in my system that I gave up and uninstalled it. I did enjoy the effects for some recordings and will miss the ability to use it. No doubt, I am pretty computer illiterate so there's that. It is one of the reasons that I was slow to pull the trigger on digital in general.

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