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Message started by Samsdad on 12/30/17 at 15:26:16

Title: Fuse size confusion
Post by Samsdad on 12/30/17 at 15:26:16

I'm completely confused by how big of a fuse I should be using inside the Junior. Background: I was bored and put in a ceramic 3.15 amp fuse in to see if I noticed any sonic difference between the stock glass fuse and a ceramic variety.

The manual says use a 3 amp fuse, but in looking at the fuse that came stock inside the amp I noticed it is a 5 amp fuse. I crossed my fingers and toes and powered it on, and the 3.15 amp fuse works (so far). It seems to provide a touch more punch, but I'm probably imagining things.

Anyways, I was moving the amp yesterday and noticed that the label under the amp that has the serial number, etc. says to use a 6 amp fuse.


Title: Re: Fuse size confusion
Post by Lon on 12/30/17 at 15:46:24

That certainly is confusing! The manual for the Jr. states:

The 120V TORII JR uses a 3 AMP 20mm fast blow fuse.
(220/230/240 volt customers use a 1.6 AMP 20mm fast blow fuse.)

And in the captions to a picture showing features of the amp it notes a 3 amp fuse. That is what my Torii Mk II and MK III amps use. I imagine that is correct.

I've found benefits to using different fuses. I use a Furutech in my Torii.  I have an Audio Magic that I will put into my ZROCK2 soon. Have two of those in my ZTPRE and they have been very pleasing.

Title: Re: Fuse size confusion
Post by Lon on 12/31/17 at 01:38:48

Thought I would mention that this was quoted in another thread and Steve corrected this. . . he says "The TORII JR uses a 6.3 Amp fuse, but in some cases even that is not enough to handle the turn on surge of the large power transformer.  The fuse size can be increased to 8 Amps if needed."

So in this case the manual is incorrect. Glad that he corrected this here!

Title: Re: Fuse size confusion
Post by Samsdad on 01/04/18 at 11:03:20

Hi Lon,

Thanks for following up on this. I just noticed that you had responded (again). For some reason your replies didn't trigger an email notification to me. I'll grab a 6.3 amp fuse. Thanks again for your time.

Title: Re: Fuse size confusion
Post by Lon on 01/04/18 at 12:20:43

You're welcome !!

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