Message started by Showme on 12/17/17 at 17:43:27

Title: Tuner needed
Post by Showme on 12/17/17 at 17:43:27

I've ordered a SE84UFO2 for what will be a setup in a new listening area. I'm going to use Randy's Betsy speakers but I would invite suggestions on a tuner to include in the system. I plan on hooking up a CD and tuner. I've got a couple of other systems in the house but this one is to experience the SET/OB arrangement. Any input would be appreciated.

Title: Re: Tuner needed
Post by Lon on 12/17/17 at 17:58:56

Okay, this is an expensive recommendation, but I now have a Magnum Dynalab tuner and it's the best tuner I've ever heard. Period. It offers the kind of fidelity the UFO deserves. I popped a pair of Sylvania 7308s that were a better fit than the EH 6922s they send, which actually did sound surprisingly good in the circuit.

I have this one.

I actually contacted Magnum Dynalab and they had a returned unit that was considerably cheaper. . . .

Title: Re: Tuner needed
Post by Showme on 12/17/17 at 19:53:09

Wow, that is very nice but I'm afraid a little too nice for me. Thanks though.

Title: Re: Tuner needed
Post by Lon on 12/17/17 at 20:40:26

I understand, they're expensive. But once I heard what these tuners do in another system I couldn't add a lesser one.

Title: Re: Tuner needed
Post by JD on 12/17/17 at 21:51:43

Yeah I've got the Magnum Dynalab 100t which is a few years old, it might be the same one you have new production Lon.  They are amazing, i've used a few different tubes and I am currently using some old Mullard cv2492, the tuner gets the most consistent use out of my sources. I am lucky to be a couple miles from an awesome resource of music and Emerson is also around the corner. I grew up listening to radio via headphones and it evokes some good memories.


Title: Re: Tuner needed
Post by Lon on 12/17/17 at 23:34:58

They're great tuners J. I went for the "SE" model as it offered balanced XLR output and I had an XLR input available on the ZTPRE. That said the single-ended output sounds as good, better in fact by a hair as the single-ended cabling I can use is better quality than the XLR cabling right now. . .but the difference is nearly moot. (My wife says the single-ended sounds better and I agree, she thinks more so than I).

I grew up on radio but soured in the workplace having to listen to endless chattering on and off the radio! So I spent a few decades whenever possible without radio, but now that I'm into classical music, and Cleveland (Lorain) has an excellent listener supported station, I'm really enjoying the excellent sound.

Title: Re: Tuner needed
Post by markv on 12/20/17 at 11:18:29

Hi Showme - Not sure if you're looking for a new tuner or vintage, but the link for FMInfo is a good resource.  I got the tuner bug a few years back and ended up with a Mitsubishi DA-F20 which is a very nice tuner for the money.  Good luck!

Title: Re: Tuner needed
Post by Showme on 12/20/17 at 16:04:53

Just looked that tuner up. Very nice looking. I'm not sure if I want vintage or new. I have a very nice Dynaco FM-3 that I suppose I could use. I just thought for everyday use it might not be well suited.

Title: Re: Tuner needed
Post by Showme on 01/09/18 at 00:29:49

I found a Yamaha T-2 today for $100. Took that puppy home and anxiously waiting to get it hooked up. Sadly the Zen triode is still weeks away.

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