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Message started by Steve on 12/06/17 at 13:15:59

Title: Using Zstage with MiniDSP?
Post by Steve on 12/06/17 at 13:15:59

I have (or will very soon) high-sensitivity DIY speakers. They only go down to 73hz, so I am combining them with matching DIY subs. Right now, I have a Bifrost DAC and an Anthem AVM 20 I'm using as a preamp. I was going to run just the subs off a miniDSP 2x4 (to EQ them), coming out of the Anthem. Now I'm thinking about running everything out of the miniDSP, and getting rid of the Bifrost and Anthem.

I have seen the incredible difference gain makes when I added a Schitt Magni 2 as a preamp between my DAC and Decware Taboo (in my headphone system). So, I'm very interested in the ZStage. I'm wondering how one (or two) would work in my new 'stripped down' approach. I.e., Macbook >> miniDSP >> ZStage >> Amp >> Speakers.

The miniDSP puts out 2v max; My current amp is a Rotel 5X150, used for both mains & subs. (Not ideal for my mains, but it's what I have now.) ALSO, the miniDSP has volume control, which I would like to use, b/c it has a remote. How will that affect things?

My thought is to use the ZStage on the 2 mains and not the subs. Later, I could add a 2nd ZStage for the subs if the bass would benefit also.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Title: Re: Using Zstage with MiniDSP?
Post by busterfree on 12/07/17 at 00:55:54

I donít know much about the MiniDSP, but...

Why not keep the Bifrost DAC? Is it a better DAC than the MiniDSP?

Bifrost DAC >> ZSTAGE >> MiniDSP (analog input) >> Rotel 5x150 >> DIY speakers and subs

How do you adjust the dual outputs of MiniDSP if you use ZSTAGE on one pair of outputs?

Title: Re: Using Zstage with MiniDSP?
Post by Steve on 12/07/17 at 01:08:54

I haven't set up the miniDSP yet, so I don't know how I'll adjust the dual inputs for sure. I just figured there is a way to configure them.

Would putting the ZStage prior to the MiniDSP maintain the benefits of the higher voltage? The signal will get converted back to digital (so the MiniDSP can 'do its thing'), then sent out analog, at 2volt maximum.

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