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Message started by Randy in Caintuck on 12/05/17 at 01:16:23

Title: Bubinga Betsy baffles
Post by Randy in Caintuck on 12/05/17 at 01:16:23

I have one pair of baffles in stock made from Bubinga (African Rosewood) hardwood .....

This wood is extremely hard, dense and heavy ..... and is a pain to work with. However it is the only baffle material I have used that actually has a noticeably distinct sound. It has excellent detail and focus. I would not recommend these speakers in a "bright" or "hot" sounding system.
They will sound best in a system that is primarily analog based or one that has a very civilized digital front end and an amplifier that has good lower midrange and upper bass response.

Larger photo here.

Additional information and my email address can be found on this page of my website.

Happy listening,

Title: Re: Bubinga Betsy baffles
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 12/05/17 at 05:25:13

I saw these and heard these at Decfest this year.  Folks, these are gems!  There is no over hype in what Randy is saying.  I have his standard model Betsy's and there is no question, this Bubinga wood makes a difference - a very positive difference.  I have speakers coming out of my ears right now or I would snatch these up!  They are heavy and gorgeous.  

Title: Re: Bubinga Betsy baffles
Post by Randy in Caintuck on 12/09/17 at 02:41:09

SOLD !!!

As soon as I get caught up on a few current orders, I will be adding some hardwood baffle offerings to the stable.

I have some 18" wide "Purpleheart" that should be interesting, a nice slab of 18" Ash and will be making a few Two-Tone baffles using various combinations of black walnut, hard maple, purpleheart, Sapele, and a few other species that the local lumber specialty yard has in stock.

So much wood ..... so little time .....  ; )


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