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Message started by Donnie on 09/21/17 at 22:30:57

Title: Best period in music?
Post by Donnie on 09/21/17 at 22:30:57

So what do you think is the best period of music?
I'm betting that most of us will answer that it was in a time period that spanned from your early teens until your mid twenties.

Title: Re: Best period in music?
Post by Lon on 09/21/17 at 22:34:32

In my case no, I think that the time period I'm most interested in is about '50 to '70, from when I was not yet born (I was born in '55) til I was about 15. I am fascinated by the jazz music of this period, and both earlier and later, but these 20 years really have a strong allure to me.

I didn't really start collecting and listening to it hard until the end of the 'seventies, I started with some Miles Davis in '72 or so and gradually was drawn deeper into jazz history and music by the end of that decade. To the point that by the mid-eighties I hardly listened to other genres with any continuity. . . jazz became a musical obsession.

Title: Re: Best period in music?
Post by Martindfletcher on 09/22/17 at 03:15:45

I can safely say for the most part the '80's was my least favorite.  Few exceptions.

Title: Re: Best period in music?
Post by RayBan on 10/09/17 at 17:51:10

70's were great...

Title: Re: Best period in music?
Post by alper_yilmaz on 10/09/17 at 21:04:46

To me, it depends on the genre of music.  

For rock, pretty much all of 60s and first half of 70s, I would say.  

Being a jazz musician, even though I like everything, I have a soft spot for 50s and 60s bebop and hard bop spanning from Bird all the way to Shorter.  But what has come out of the New York scene since mid-90s, I find amazing.

I am not a big fan of pop, but I like the kitsch stuff from 80s, maybe for having my teenage years then.

For classical, anything and everything!  On another note, these days I am reading Morton Feldman's "Give My Regards to Eighth Street: Collected Writings of Morton Feldman."  Highly recommended...

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