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Message started by Tripwr1964 on 01/07/17 at 16:56:44

Title: DM947 ID help?
Post by Tripwr1964 on 01/07/17 at 16:56:44

bought some speakers last week and trying to determine what i have so that i can work on making them sound better in my current system.
they are way too bright and harsh using my odyssey ss mono amps.

they have claritycap px3.3uf caps, 4ohm marked on driver, and plastic thingy in place of the driver dust cap.

so are these dm946's, 4ohm, with midrange upgrade?

Title: Re: DM947 ID help?
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 01/08/17 at 00:48:46

Having the DM946's, I can say that the plastic thingy is the phase guide, aka "Midrange Upgrade."  My pair was purchased about a year about and I believe my phase guide is aluminum.  May just be an earlier design on your set.  

I think you are safe to assume 4 Ohm, but I can't help with the cap question.  Sorry.  

It may be that the mid-range upgrade is creating an intense mid to high frequency shout with your particular amp and room characteristics.  

Title: Re: DM947 ID help?
Post by MyBlueSky on 06/18/19 at 01:43:12

Iíll agree with Jeff. I purchased the 946ís and monolith bases over the winter. Theyíre in a good sounding room but I definitely experienced some shout that got worse as volume increased.
The unmodified, rather inexpensive drivers can be found here.

I switched them out and and am now fully enjoying my monoliths.

Thanks to Jeff for originally posting the link to Madisound

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