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Title: New Oppo
Post by jeffofarabica on 12/28/16 at 20:11:53

For anyone with an Ultra or thinking of how to integrate one into a fully tube-based HT system, Oppo is about to release a new 4K version of their famed Blu-Ray players.  I also use my Oppo to stream all of my content through the Ultra to my Torii Jr., such as Tidal, Netflix, etc.  

It has been awhile since they upgraded their player so I am curious to see what this "audiophile" grade unit has to offer...  and of course the price!

Title: Re: New Oppo
Post by lazb on 10/22/17 at 20:41:24

Jeff, I suppose you are aware by now that, so far, Tidal is not supported by the new OPPO.

Title: Re: New Oppo
Post by Jeff of Arabica on 10/23/17 at 02:14:28

A lot has changed equipment-wise for me since I posted that message.  I did end up purchasing the OPPO UDP-205.  And you are correct, it no longer supports third party apps, so all movie and music streaming functionality ended.  

I eventually got a PS Audio DirectStream DAC which now offers native Tidal Master streaming AND fully unfolded MQA capability.  

For awhile, I was using the 205 for SACD playback, and it did a fantastic job at that, actually - much better than the prior modded BDP-103 I once owned. The 205 is in another league.  But for $1300, it better significantly best its $599 little brother.  

I eventually added the DirectStream Memory Player for disk playback and now only use the 205 for 4K Ultra HD and Blu-Ray movies. I am also routing my AT&T U-Verse TV signal through it (HDMI in) to improve the sound quality.  Had I known I was doing to get the DirectStream combo as soon as I did, I would have opted for the cheaper UDP-203 model which offers the same video playback features, without the "audiophile" 2-channel improvements, which I am no longer using the player for.  At this point, it makes no sense for me to sell it only to purchase the cheaper 203 as I would take a hit on the sale.  Plus, if I eventually separate my HT from 2-Channel, I may again need the audiophile features of the 205.  

All in all, I am really impressed with the improvements they made with the new lineup and for someone using it for optical disk playback (SACD in particular) for 2-channel listening and 4K movies, it's absolutely worth the $1300 price tag.  

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