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Title: Order is in...
Post by Matchstikman on 08/22/16 at 15:42:29

I work alot at home on the PC and I came to the conclusion that I listen to music alot while I'm on the PC so I thought upgrading the speakers would be worth doing.  

The order for the TRAPS is in.  Now, I wait.

So, in the last month I've added a USB DAC and a DECWARE amp to the PC.  I added a 1.5m Audioquest USB cable.  And, at the moment, it is starting to sound really good as things settle in.  The addition of the TRAPS should be the final stamp on the setup.

I guess that last piece to upgrade would be the speaker wire which is Monster knock-off string.  But for now it is doing the job.

Can you can dig it.

Title: Re: Order is in...
Post by Tommy Freefall on 12/01/16 at 19:15:58

Did you receive your Traps yet?
If so, how do you like them?

Title: Re: Order is in...
Post by Matchstikman on 12/14/16 at 03:30:59

Wow, just saw this.

I've had the TRAPS for some time now.  They are powered by a blue Torii.  They took a little bit of time to break in, even though they sounded good from the start, but they are really blooming now.  I listened to Cowboy Junkies today and the sound was amazing.  My desktop system is more or less a near field experience so I don't crank it all that much and the TRAPS still manage to produce a wide sound stage.

These were a good purchase for me.  They'll probably be my desktop monitors from now on.  I can't see what would possibly replace them.

Title: Re: Order is in...
Post by Lon on 09/30/17 at 21:59:23

I have a pair of Traps now, bought from buster free.

Very impressive speakers! I had been using a set of Peachtree Audio bookshelf speakers with  a CSP2+ and a Taboo Mk III and enjoyed the sound but the volume was not there (these are very inefficient.) The Traps give me way more than enough volume and sound very good. Although I'm not sitting at a desk (I'm sitting about ten feet away) I have them sitting on an old wooden desk, almost up against the front wall, and these speakers are designed to excel in that situation . . . and do.

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