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Title: Listener Reports ?
Post by Brian on 05/30/16 at 00:58:32

Hello, TORII Mono owners.
It has been a few years since any of you posted listener impressions; and not much then.
Will you say a few comments about the sonic quality of your amplifier?

Thank you.

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by TheCoffsKid on 07/07/16 at 08:09:09


I've had mine going on 4 years and they just keep on keeping on.

They drive Wilson Audio Sophia series 2 to 100db no problems at all.

Very full and accurate sound...its rubbish in, rubbish out; gold in, gold out with these fellas.

eg. Brown Sugar and Honky Tonk Woman on the The Rolling Stones Rolled Gold CDs (remastered by the sound of them) are rubbish when compared to those songs on the original albums.

Makes you wonder what the producers were listening to.

Can't recommend these highly enough' I'd love to try them on some Avantgeguard horns, but...


Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by Brian on 07/11/16 at 03:30:43

Thank you, CoffsKid. It is very good to hear your report.  I like hearing about the accuracy and honesty of these amplifiers.  

Do you find they are a good match for a variety of speakers?  Or perhaps you have used them only with the Wilsons?


Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by TheCoffsKid on 07/12/16 at 04:06:16


I have only heard them on the Wilsons.

I am waiting for a magazine to review them


Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by neac1976 on 07/16/16 at 02:52:34

I am privileged to own many Decware components which include four of The Master's amplifiers, two of his pre-amps, speakers, his modified CD player, a ZP3, sub-woofers and more...all of which (if possible) have been upgraded by Steve.
At any given time I have available many different Decware presentations...depending on which components I am listening to.
For me, the Torii Mono Amps are The Master's masterworks.  Their sound is powerful, honest and often times beguiling.  Truthful would also describe their sound.  What is present in or on the recording is what comes through my revealing Decware HD Mk II speakers.  I have not heard a more "you are there presentation" from any setup that I have ever listened to.  
After listening to other amps designed by Steve and then listening to a pair of Torii Mono Amps I would describe the difference in sound as sensual, in that the music can be heard, seen and felt all at once.
I hope that this helps.

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by Brian on 07/17/16 at 00:14:24

That sounds wonderful! Especially the "you are there presentation".
I Thank you for reporting.


Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by neac1976 on 07/17/16 at 03:16:07

Brian, I have owned Decware gear for five years and have posted on this forum just a few times and then only to purchase items (that is, until last night).  When I saw your request for information on the Monos I felt obliged to respond.  (As they are truly, astounding amplifiers!)
I think that you know by now how we (on this forum)  feel about The Master and the work that he does.  I do believe that he is driven by a passion to reproduce music in its truest form...and a pair of Torii Monos does exactly that.
Further,I would also describe the Monos as a very "mature" sounding pair of amps.  Also, I would describe their sound as "objective" in that the signal fed to them is faithfully reproduced through what ever speakers are being listened to (no subjectivity or coloration here)...magic in--magic out; or conversely, if the recording is less than optimal, you will know it via The Monos.
If you are fortunate enough to order a pair of Monos, be prepared for a sonic journey that you have not yet been on...they are that compelling!

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by Brian on 07/18/16 at 21:05:59

Hello Mark,
I think all of we who are interested in amplifiers and the comparison of one to another are glad to have your report on these Torii Monos.  I am grateful to all of you listeners who report on them.  

By "mature" sounding, did you refer to the maturity of the listener?  Do you mean they are not for the kids who like a hyped up sound?

"a sonic journey that you have not yet been on...they are that compelling!"  This sounds especially inviting.  

Thank you, Mark for reporting.

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by neac1976 on 07/19/16 at 01:20:19

Hello Brian.
When I described The Monos as "mature", I was not referring to the listener's relative age, but the sound of the Mono Amps.  Let me re-phrase that statement by saying that the sound envelops you, yet assumes  a presentation that is very direct and authoritative.
I am located in Connecticut...if you are close by and would like to hear any of my Decware gear, just let me know.

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by Brian on 07/19/16 at 22:11:55

Thank you, Mark. A most generous offer.
I am in Oregon, so I can not visit.

I hope to go to Decfest some day, but it does not look like it will be soon.  


Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by neac1976 on 07/20/16 at 02:20:17

OK Brian...understood.

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by Archie on 02/09/17 at 00:52:31

This is as good a place as any for my question about the Mono's price (not that I'm about to buy them any time soon).  They are listed as $5596 each and $12,192 for the pair.  Does the page need to be updated to reflect an actual price of $6096 each?  Who knows someday $12,000 might drop into my lap!

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by NormD on 06/07/17 at 03:06:21

Anyone compare these to the ZMA?  I have the ZMA and I love it. Now I am wondering if one more upgrade is in the cards. I have gotten into LP's and the sound is awesome. Will the Monos make a $7k difference?

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by Steve Deckert on 06/11/17 at 06:12:04

$11,192 a pair is correct.  The cart was listing it wrong.  No wonder I haven't sold many since the last web page update...

Oh well, the good news is the price has not gone up, but the amplifier's have been finally upgraded to match the rest of the Decware line by changing from a white aluminum plate, to a high mass black steel plate.  Below are the pictures of what the Zen TORII Mono's now look like:

Soon I'll be able to update the web page with the new pictures.


Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by Lon on 06/11/17 at 11:35:03

What beautiful amps! If my ship were ever to come in I'd consider this and the ZTPRE. . . as long as Steve can work a treble cut circuit in there somewhere! (I am appreciative every day of the treble cut circuit and the bass control on each channel of my Torii Mk III.)

Title: Re: Listener Reports ?
Post by Bottlehead on 07/06/17 at 06:42:35

Now THAT'S art!

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