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Message started by Zerosyce on 07/23/14 at 17:48:40

Title: a helpful quick deathbox math lesson
Post by Zerosyce on 07/23/14 at 17:48:40

Thanks for all your great designs. i have built 1 wicked one and 2 ten inch Deathboxes so far. (One for car one for house) and used Orion XTR104D drivers in them. no matter what amplifier i use, 50watt, 150 watt, 600 watt or 1000 watt, they perform wonderfully and with amazing sound.
This is why i now offer to all readers a helpful death box math lesson
Deathbox + Groceries + good song you haven't heard in a while equals?
Answer - 2 hours of cleaning up soft drinks that leaked in back of car.
After July 4th weekend my local store had drinks on sale so i picked 8 twelve packs at a great savings. On the way home my Ipod played a song i had not heard in a while so cranked up the volume to an enjoyable level and cruised home. While unloading my groceries i noticed that some of the bags were moist and stickier that when i loaded them. Apparently "Daz Dillengers Song - My System" shook the soda cans till some expanded and others expanded and released their content. On the bright side, some of the cans expanded and the bottoms rounded so now they look like little WEEBLES in the fridge.

Hope you can all learn from my mistake. Now it makes me want to build a homewrecker and buy 2 liter bottles to try again... hahaha. ;D

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