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Message started by C5smithjack on 07/11/14 at 12:01:11

Title: Zen Triode OTL Preamp CSP2+ w/VCAP xtra-NOS Tubes
Post by C5smithjack on 07/11/14 at 12:01:11

For Sale Zen Triode OTL Preamp CSP2+ w/VCAP, Mint OEM Tubes and extra - NOS Tubes as well an AMAZINGLY Well Matching (tried 7 different cables via a/b) Gaofei AC Power Cable. Smooth Attenuator (tried both smooth and stepped) and I found the Smooth Attenuator's warmer signature to be stronger match with the VCAPS. Steve thinks this as well. Black Trim base. Low hours, Mint shape and I really would prefer not to sell but I'm not using it anymore and I have just too much extra gear. It took the world class CAT SL-1 Signature MK III w/Phono that had a MSRP of $7,995.00 to beat it out in my system but really that was because it has one of the worlds best ever built-in phono's. Straight up line stage SQ vs SQ its close with the nudge going to the CAT. That is how good this little pre is. Don't kid yourself though, the VCAP, NOS Tubes and Power Cable make a HUGE difference in the 40% range by my rough ear estimate as this is a very different pre than just a regular one and IMO much better than an OEM CSP3 as well. The Beeswax Caps just can't match the pure pinnacle of resolution that the VCAPS offer. The VCAPS just take so long to break in but all that work has already been done for you here. I have owned both and in a very high resolution system where there is know where to hide anything. Nothing better out there for this kind of money. This little guy punches way way above its weight and like everything in Hi-Fi audio when smartly employed, thoughtful augments that enhance a components strength to maximize its internal synergy the final result is far greater than the mere sum of its parts. Thank you for reading $1,050.00    

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