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Message started by C5smithjack on 03/16/14 at 13:58:55

Title: May Sell my CSP2+, ZSTAGE, 3 x DSR II IC's, tubes
Post by C5smithjack on 03/16/14 at 13:58:55

Any interest out there is any of these. I love them all but have since upgraded and was thinking of using in another system but not using any of these awesome items as of now and was thinking someone maybe interested and would want them:

To go with Decware CSP2+ w/ Black Molded base is a bunch top flight premium tubes for a rolling delight (over $1,000 spent on these tubes but no worries they will  be included for "Really - Really " reasonable money because I have no use for them and have no interest selling them one at a time), also the OEM tubes hardly used at all and these delightful: 2 - 7308 Amperex Gold pins, 3 - Amperex Holland Bugle Boy 6Dj8, 1 - Amperex PQ USA Gold Pin  6922, 1 - Amperex Holland Gold Pin 6922, 1 - Siemens Very nice sounding 6DJ8, 1- Amperex 6DJ8 D-Getter, 1 - Amperex 6DJ8 A-Frame. These are a tube Rollers dream. All tubes have low hours and all were bought NOS and the bugle boys have most use. I used the Amperex PQ Gold pin 6922 in Voicing tube and was recently tested NOS the 2 - Amperex 7308 are brand new NIB NOS from Upscale a month ago and this combo is a gigantic upgrade over OEM and also included is the upgraded power cable from the great Canadian HI-- FI  company Gutwire and its the B16 AC Power Cord. Huge upgrade over the Stock cable that it blew mind and sounds better than my PS Audio AC10 and Nordost Blue Haven pc cable. Also the power supply Rectification tubes are upgraded. Comes with OEM tube hardly used all but also the best out there NOS RCA Rectification tube that was another huge upgrade and the NOS Winged C Rectification tube. All the tube upgrades made a gigantic upgrade in the pre.

The ZSTAGE which not sure I want to sell but if I do that comes with 2 NOS - 12AU7 RCA Clear tops, an Awesome Mullard 12AU7, Mullard 12AT7, Telefunkin 12AT7 and another awesome cable that I A/B sound tested and sounds best to my ears with included Gaofei AC Power audio cable. Much more base foundation and fully body with this sweet upgraded cable.

3- Decware Silver Reference IC's. I had to spend $ $1,400.00 on IC's to improve them. I have 2 - 1 Meter and 1 - 1/2 meter I could sell.

I also have a brand new NOS NIB Quad of Philips 6L6 WGB JAN Tubes Quad Matched that I bought for my TorI Mk4 that I never used

I also have a Tori Mk3 - 4 black base that I have no use for that I bought and sold the amp and have the trim base. Let me know if any interest in any of this awesome stuff. I have not listed anything anywhere and thought to let the community know of this stuff.

my email is via a yahoo and it is fsmithjack

Title: Re: May Sell my CSP2+, ZSTAGE, 3 x DSR II IC's, tubes
Post by P K on 03/16/14 at 20:36:28

I sent you a PM for the Zstage

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