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Message started by 4krow on 03/02/14 at 04:13:36

Title: simple filter ddesign
Post by 4krow on 03/02/14 at 04:13:36

I want to run a couple of experiments with my sub. I will be using my new 34I.3 as the amp, giving a 100k input impedance.I need a lo pass of about 80hz. That is what I know so far, so what value cap and circuit configuration will be necc?  Thanks guys

OK FWIW, I  answered my own question online, using a high pass filter calculator. I changed the frquency to 60hz, and typed in the 100K, and came up with .025uf...I have mentioned before that I will always experiment, and this is to try and blend the ZOB with a sub. More to come...

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