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Message started by SteveC on 01/22/14 at 10:38:37

Title: Hum.  Remember to always check your IC's...
Post by SteveC on 01/22/14 at 10:38:37

I play through my zdac most of the time.  Occasionally I play through the Project RM10 and ZP3.  On vinyl, I have a tiny amount of hum.. I hear it between songs.  It's not noticeable during songs.  I live with it.

So as I await the arrival of my ZMA, I've been playing the Torii 3 a lot lately.... put on some vinyl and noticed hum difference between left and right channel.  I seem to remember the hum changes when I press physically on the zp3... like the transformer.  I played with that again. pressed on the transformer.  hum lessened.  pressed on the top plate of the zp3.  in some locations, it lessens the hum.  in others, it has no effect.  I accidentally hit the IC going to the TT.  the hum changed abruptly.  turns out, all this pressing on the ZP3 was just slightly moving the IC.  the contact at the TT is what the problem was.  if I wiggle the jack a little bit, it goes from humming.. to very nearly silent.  

Lesson: it's a good idea to check on your ic connections periodically. probably remember to clean them too.

now, I still have hum.  but on a torii3 and hdt's (96db) with volume at 50%, I can barely hear hum at seating position 7 feet from speaker. at this level, when music plays, it's very loud.    damn acceptable to me.

Title: Re: Hum.  Remember to always check your IC's...
Post by LeFischer on 01/25/14 at 09:11:42

Hi Steve!

Thanks for your experiences with hum related to the ZP3.

I am still waiting for this great phono stage, but it is good to get some information in case of similar hum problems!

Enjoy your vinyl!

All the best

Title: Re: Hum.  Remember to always check your IC's...
Post by Archie on 10/23/16 at 01:06:10

I thought I'd add to this old thread about ZP3 hum since I just had some wire induced hum.  

I noticed that my left channel had more hum than my right (very little on the right).  I first assumed it was caused by a tube imbalance.  After trouble shooting around I found that it was caused by something in the TT.  I pulled the headshell and cartridge and looked at the connections.  I noticed that the left channel wires into the cartridge seemed to be touching (insulation to insulation).  I pried them apart slightly and the hum seems to have stopped.

So, cartridge wires should be added to the list of things to investigate for possible source of hum with a ZP3.

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