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Message started by hifitubes on 12/10/13 at 05:41:12

Title: Technics 1200 + Audiomods Classics + mods
Post by hifitubes on 12/10/13 at 05:41:12

Happy holidays,

I live overseas most of the year, and I scooped up what was to be a backup table, or 2nd system table. Problem is, I don't even have a home yet, nor a 2nd system. This was to be the 1st piece, but I'm going to hold off and just focus on setting up my Lenco here.

I'm asking $2000 shipped CONUS for Technics 1200 MKII with an Audiomods Classic tonearm, and the unit has some RoyaLcraft mods and external PSU and matching semi-gloss maple wood case for PSU and 1200.

The mods include:

   3 Point Tonearm Isolation System
   Wood-In Platter
   Compound Loaded Deck
   Aluminum Thrust Plate
   Separated Power Supply
   Re-brushed platter (aesthetic)
   White LED
   External psu wood case semi-gloss (maple) (with matching Technics feet)
   Hardwood case semi-gloss (maple)
   1200 bonded to wood case - stock feet moved under case

Audiomods Classic details:

Tonearm is Audiomods Classic. This one has the polished finish, with brass finish counterweight and stub. No micrometer. This one also has a Series V Cardas 5-pin connector, Series IV bearings, silver internal wire, full set of headshell shims, and a transferable warranty from Audiomods. All extra parts included, manual, wooden case, etc.

You'll have to provide your own RCA > DIN cable and a cart, unless you want a sealed AT33PTG for +$500.

I don't have pics yet as Roy is working on the table. Please PM if interested. Tempted to keep this little giant-killer but like I said, I have my hands full with Lenco and Audiomods V. I have feedback on Audiogon and eBay if you want to contact me through those systems for piece of mind.

Title: Re: Technics 1200 + Audiomods Classics + mods
Post by hifitubes on 12/16/13 at 07:59:29

Pic of arm. Table to come.

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