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Message started by TimHouston on 10/11/13 at 17:55:47

Title: Baffle Step Compensation
Post by TimHouston on 10/11/13 at 17:55:47

I am very interested in the Deware speakers.  For what I have read there are no crossover circuits on the single driver ZOB and only a single cap on the MG944 speaker.

This is very interesting since I have some experience in building my own speaker using LAUD measurement and Calsod.  In everything I have read about and build I have used narrow baffles and some type of Baffle Step Correction to get a smooth response.  If you look at single driver measurements in a narrow baffle, there is a loss of low frequency at the point where the wavelength exceed the width of the baffle.

Is there any correction for the baffle step in these speakers?  

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this.


Title: Re: Baffle Step Compensation
Post by beowulf on 10/12/13 at 23:21:02

I'm sorry I can't help you, but wanted to welcome you to the Decware forums ... There's a guy on here Lin who knows quite a bit on open baffles though ... hopefully he'll chime in.

Title: Re: Baffle Step Compensation
Post by Lin on 10/13/13 at 00:07:38

Hopefully ZYGI will see this.
There are several ways it can be addressed.

For those that may be unfamiliar with what Tim is asking:

Title: Re: Baffle Step Compensation
Post by ZYGI on 10/13/13 at 17:49:59

Speakers are a world of compromises, choosing to or not to use BSC is one of those compromises.

Using sims to build a crossover works great on a computer, it doesn't really work in the real world without tweaking. Using a baffle step for a single driver speaker even if you only needed 2dB of attenuation could kill enough of the magic that draws people to a single driver speaker in the first place.

Open baffle speakers would take this to the extreme, using up to 6dB maybe more of baffle step. With a sensitivity of 95dB and using 6dB BSC you just brought it down to an 89dB sensitivity making it hard to be driven by a low watt tubed amp. Once you killed that much sensitivity, there is no amount of power that can bring back the dynamics a 95dB speaker exhibits.

I could go on and on I guess, but I'll stop here....

Title: Re: Baffle Step Compensation
Post by TimHouston on 10/17/13 at 19:03:01

Beowulf, thank you for the welcome and ZYGI, thank you for your answer.

As you mentioned, speaker designs are all a compromise in one way or another.

Measurements and simulations get you in the ballpark, then you listen and tweak.  Some results measure very closely but sound very different.

I would guess that room placement for bass re-enforcement becomes an important consideration with a single driver and no BSC.

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