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Title: Amp
Post by KMokc on 10/06/13 at 05:10:35

Does anyone know which amp they are currently playing?

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Post by SteveC on 10/06/13 at 06:42:14

I don't know what was playing when you asked, but in the normal configuration, the torii mk4 is on top of the rack.  The mystery amp is the big one in the middle on the low shelf.  The torii mono's are on the ends of the low shelf.  during the day, we put different amps in there also.  if you saw a smaller black amp to the left of the mystery amp, it was the Rachel.  if you saw a tiny black amp to the left of the mystery amp, it was the super zen.  if you saw a white amp to the right of the mystery amp around 10 pm tonight, it was maddogs torii 3.  if you saw a small gray amp, it was loney raven's old modded zen.  see the classifieds, he is or was selling it.

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Post by KMokc on 10/06/13 at 15:27:51

Thanks Steve,
It was the MYSTERY Amp. I think you already have a name for it and don't know it "Mysterious"!  ;)

Kevin  8-)

Title: Re: Amp
Post by Lonely Raven on 10/06/13 at 18:02:48

Steve C is on the ball! I didn't even remember that much. It's good to see someone's paying attention!

if you saw a small gray amp, it was Lonely Raven's old modded zen.  see the classifieds, he is or was selling it.

After this weekend, unless I get at least $550 for the Zen amp, it ain't going nowhere! Having a chance to put it up against the Super Zen, and hear it next to the Torii and Mystery amp - While the bigger amps way, way outclass the little Zen, it was at least 80% of the Super Zen - and I'm a firm believer in the 80/20's place in the universe.  ;) So my one off Zen Amp is staying with me unless I get a goodly amount for it to help me get to the Mystery amp.

Speaking of which, the Mystery amp is everything Steve said it is - and unless the audio gods whisper something else to Steve and tell him otherwise, I think Mystery is going to be the amps name.  :)

Lon, I'm looking in your direction. You're wrong in hanging on to the Torii and not considering the Mystery amp. Torii III to IV I can't speak to, but Torii IV vs Mystery - there is some magic going on in the much so, that I'd looking to sell a kidney at this point to try and afford one. I've already told Steve, if one just happens to have a bit more magic than the others...set it aside for me, I'll come for it!  ;D

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Post by Lon on 10/06/13 at 21:39:00

LR, I appreciate your advice. I'm reluctant to make a shift though. I'm certainly not going to do a shift right away. I've decided not to be an early adopter on Decware amps. For example I went for an early Mk III and then Steve came up with the bass controls and years later when I finally sent mine in to add those controls. . . they can't be added. And Steve told me that the most recent production (before Mk IV) sounded better than my early one. So. . . . I'm really happy with what I have, would have to be convinced that the Mystery amp has enough flexibility for it to be musical in my system and as "forgiving" as my Mk IIIs. And I'd have to have the MONEY as well!

I'm really not tempted at this point. I'm sure it sounded fantastic there.

Title: Re: Amp
Post by Lonely Raven on 10/07/13 at 17:29:52

Yeah, I'm not sure about the forgiving was harmonic magic though!

I played some...unusual tunes, ones I know trip up my Zen amp, and got a few interesting looks from listeners...I thought the Mystery amp was more forgiving than the MK IV. I also felt that the MK IV needed tweaking with each set of speakers, where the Mystery just seemed to jump up and GO!

As I said, I'm not well versed in the bigger Decware amps, but I absolutely see your points.

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