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Message started by cbauer210 on 10/02/13 at 23:15:41

Title: My little setup..
Post by cbauer210 on 10/02/13 at 23:15:41

I never realized how good music could sound until I switch over to an all vinyl/tube amp setup.  I am kinda a newb to all this stuff and spent the last 3 years collecting this gear and restoring the turntable. I lived in a tiny apartment in NYC so never really even set any of it up as I got it. I just new one day in the near future I would be buying a house and could put it to good use. I finally bought the house a few months ago and had a custom piece of furniture built to house my gear in the living room. Here is my little setup which I LOVE although some of the stuff I see on this site puts it to shame. My rig consists of:

Thorens TD125 mk2 Turntable
Nakamichi BX300 Cassette Deck
Shure M97xE Cartridge
Jico S.A.S. Stylus
Zen Triode ZP3 Phono Stage
Zen Torii Mk3 Amp
Klipsch Kg4 Speakers

Title: Re: My little setup..
Post by litefootdan on 10/07/13 at 17:16:22

There's no shame in that beautiful little setup.  I bet it sounds quite wonderful :)

Title: Re: My little setup..
Post by beowulf on 10/07/13 at 23:37:54

Wow, love the TT and all the other gear is nice ... I bet is sounds great as well! 8-)

Title: Re: My little setup..
Post by cbauer210 on 10/09/13 at 03:43:41

I couldn't resist.....I just placed an order for a pair of Decware Mg944's! I'm super excited to get them up and running in this room but it looks like a 4 Month wait right now. I have been torn for a while between the ERR's and the mg944's. in the end i chose the mg's because i listen to a lot of bass heavy music (jazz, rock, disco, hip hop, electronc, trance fusion). i was afraid the ERR's would be too clean and heavy on the highs...not enough punch. The room is a little small and weird (14' x 25') with a "L" shaped sectional couch right in the middle of it. Ther isn't too much I can do witht the speaker or the couch placement so I just need something that will sound good even with an obstruction in the listening area. I'm hoping I made the right decision...thoughts?

I love the sound of the KG4's but when I drive them hard (which happens a lot on sunday funday) the highs get a little bit distorted . I also dont seem to get that 3-Dimensional sound that fills the room and makes the speakers disappear. There is plenty of power with the torii so I'm not sure if  the torii mkiii is to powerful for the horns ..or if the amp/speaker combo isn't playing nice together. Something is a little off. Either way they are great speakers that do sound nice with a really awesome low end so I plan on building a system in the basement. Perhaps i will try and drive them with one of decware's smaller SET amps. Right now I really want to try and build the perfect system (or as close as I can get within a functional space with my constraints) in my family room around the kg's.

Anyone have some advice for an overly enthusiastic newb like myself? I have been so empressed thus far with my decware products. I really just have a craving to see how good it can get! It's an addiction!

Title: Re: My little setup..
Post by busterfree on 10/09/13 at 04:03:56

With your KG4s:
1. I would try pulling them out into the room and away from the rear wall for better imaging.
2. You might want to consider upgrading your tweeters to titanium ones from critesspeakers dot com.

Title: Re: My little setup..
Post by cbauer210 on 10/09/13 at 21:27:44

yeah....It is a tight area for those speakers and unfortunately not a dedicated listening room space.

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