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Title: Knobs for CSP+ and Taboo III
Post by Rizlaw on 07/07/13 at 16:50:38

I seem to recall someone posting about knobs elsewhere on the forums and obtaining them from Radio Shack, but I can't find the post.

Nevertheless, the the CSP+ and Taboo III posts are 1/4" diameter and they have no flat side to better hold a set screw.

Parts-Express has black & silver aluminium knobs for 1/4" posts but the overall diameter for most is 0.77" which might be too wide:

and there is silver one with a diameter of 0.58"

Has anyone put knobs on either piece and if so, what was the diameter of the knob(s) used? Did the set screw hold the knob tight for turning?

Thanks for any advice.

Title: Re: Knobs for CSP+ and Taboo III
Post by Rizlaw on 07/10/13 at 15:47:58

I answered my own question. Went to Radio Shack and purchased cheap black plastic knobs (#274-0403). They are for 1/4" shafts and are 1/2" diameter. While they're not the best looking, they do the job.

Title: Re: Knobs for CSP+ and Taboo III
Post by beowulf on 07/11/13 at 15:32:28

Those anodized silver ones you linked to are pretty cool looking though!  The Taboo I have has ebony ones and are about .75" which are close in diameter to the silver ones.  I don't believe they were ever swapped out as I'm not the original owner.

Title: Re: Knobs for CSP+ and Taboo III
Post by Rizlaw on 07/12/13 at 00:00:49

The problem with the silver is they don't match the stock 3/4" gold knob that comes on the Taboo III and Parts Express doesn't have gold or black aluminum in 1/2" diameter, which seems to be the correct size based on the temporary el cheapo Radio Shack knobs I have on. It also is the case that trying to replace the stock gold knob ( i.e. removing it) is not easy and according to Steve requires use of two butter knives to pry it off and runs a slight chance of damaging the expensive gold volume pot.

I wish Steve would offer gold and/or black matching knob sets for the other 4 pots on the amp and preamp with line or dot indicators on them. I like visual references for input and output volume.

Title: Re: Knobs for CSP+ and Taboo III
Post by gcos on 11/09/13 at 10:48:44

I got identical gold knobs here  at (not allowed to post active links as yet} tons of knobs of all shapes on this site.

they are 3/16" but simple to widen to 1/4" with a drill. They have a marker on the top which make them more practical than the stock

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