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Title: EL34 vs E34L
Post by SteveC on 04/10/13 at 19:26:15

This is for the tube rollers out there.  

I got my torii mk3 a couple years ago.  It came with JJEL34s and  JJ6922s.   Something has bee off lately, so I decided to order some new tubes.  Got E Harmonix 6922s and JJE34L's.    (not EL34)

I didn't know they existed or there was a difference.  I laughed thinking some worker had too much Russian Standard Vodka, went to work, and transposed the letters in the machine that paints the numbers on the tubes.  E34L vs EL34.

Anyway, there was a considerable difference.  The torii was louder and sounded "different".  so I searched and learned that the E34L is a EL34 that burns a little brighter (and maybe shorter?)... which lines up with my perception of more power.

I still had the boxes from the old tubes.. the "matched quad" numbers were 24/4.6  and the new E34Ls are 38/5.8.  I don't know tube testing well, but if these numbers mean how many electrons are passed for a given input, then the new tubes are "stronger".  

Anyway, I'm getting used to the new sound.  Again, it's different.  Maybe I got more on the high and low end, but lost something in the middle.  It's overall better than it was, but seems like the quality in sound just shifted around somewhat.  know what I mean?

I've seen other talk about various el34's and 6ca7's... technically, they are the same tube.. same specs.  the E34L is different.

Does anyone else have thoughts/experience with E34L's vs EL34's?

Title: Re: EL34 vs E34L
Post by RoyMercer on 05/05/13 at 00:40:55

I have not heard of the E34L. Very Interesting and something to look into.  I would like to point out that American 6CA7's are beam tetrodes, where El34's are pentodes. Although the two types are generally interchangeable, it is my understanding that the suppressor grid is connected to the cathode inside of a beam tetrode. As a result I don’t think the 6CA7 will take advantage of Steve’s Hazen Grid mod.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong. I almost bought some NOS 6CA7 Fat Boys for my Torii but decided against it because of this.

Title: Re: EL34 vs E34L
Post by SteveC on 05/05/13 at 01:23:11

You're right.  I've read more about 6CA7's after my post and learned exactly what you just said.

I was just surprised by my E34L's.   The new tubes came from Decware so they must be "approved"  :)     the sound is slightly different.  I'm used to it now.    happy.

Title: Re: EL34 vs E34L
Post by will on 05/05/13 at 01:35:17

Some "6CA7s" are apparently tetrode and some pentode. I understand that the JJ 6CA7 and Shuguang Treasures are Pentode and utilize the Hazen Grid mod. I have seen this spec with the JJs and Steve would not have sold Shuguangs as an upgrade had they not utilized the mod. The EH 6CA7 appear to be tetrode so presumably do not use the mod.

Title: Re: EL34 vs E34L
Post by Lon on 05/05/13 at 03:52:24

That's exactly my experience as well, the JJ DO seem to take advantage of the CCM, the EH don't.

Title: Re: EL34 vs E34L
Post by RoyMercer on 05/05/13 at 19:49:26

Thanks guys, good to know.  You are referring to current production tubes. I assume they are using 6CA7 in place of EL34 as a marketing scheme.

Title: Re: EL34 vs E34L
Post by will on 05/05/13 at 20:26:07

Yes the JJ and Shuguangs are current. I don't recall what the differences with EL34s are technically, but construction and sound are a little different at least with the JJs (I have not tried the Shuguang)...I suspect they are like other tubes, current production attempts to capture qualities of favored NOS tubes...I think they are EL34 compatible, but not EL34s.

Of my many power tubes, I keep falling back on the cryoset JJ6CA7s as a standard in my Torii MkIII. For me anyway, I would not consider it a marketing scheme, but a sound choice.

Title: Re: EL34 vs E34L
Post by Lon on 05/05/13 at 21:12:09

Those JJs are my tube of choice as well, I too don't see them as a marketing scheme but a very solid and great-sounding new production tube.

Title: Re: EL34 vs E34L
Post by Pale Rider on 05/07/13 at 16:56:13

Roy, not sure what you mean by "marketing scheme," but the cryo JJ 6CA7 have become my tube of choice in the Toriis.

I have tried Shuguang Treasures and Psvane T-II, both very nice, but not sufficiently better to justify the price differential.

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