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Message started by deucekazoo on 10/01/12 at 20:27:36

Title: Zen Head + Zbox
Post by deucekazoo on 10/01/12 at 20:27:36

I have been listening to the Zen Head for a while now. It is my work system and it sounds great. Stream in music using the Ipod running into custom Fostex headphones. I love tubes so have been wondering how the CSP2+ would sound. Seen a Zbox for sale so wanted to see what would happen. Running the Ipod into the Zbox (12AU7) then into the Zen Head and then into the headphones. Was not sure what to expect. Let everything run a few hours and then played a song that I am familiar with a few times switching between everything hooked up and then just the Zen Head. So two things happened, one the sound is smoother now or not as brights. The second is the soundstage. The soundstage grew quite a bit. The song I listened to has a lot of sounds that travel from side to side. With the combo you can hear that sounds trail coming in and out. You can even hear the bass extend more. Wierd stuff.
If you have both of these, try them together and let me know what you think.


Title: Re: Zen Head + Zbox
Post by Donnie on 10/01/12 at 22:58:15

You really need to eliminate the Ipod's cheap DAC from the equation. There is a huge gain to be made there.
Are you coming to Zen Fest this weekend? If you are, we need to hook up. I will bring my Wadia Ipod dock and a DAC for you to try. You will end up hating me because you will want to throw rocks at your Ipod's internal DAC after you hear the difference.

Title: Re: Zen Head + Zbox
Post by deucekazoo on 10/02/12 at 13:53:39

I know , I know, I know!!!
Well actually I don't know. I would love to try that combo out. Escpacially the DAC. I have heard good things about it. Yes I will be there for the fest but the broblem is only on Friday night. This weekend falls on my wifes birthday. Have plans the rest of the weekend. I think I read you would be there on Saturday!  :'(


Title: Re: Zen Head + Zbox
Post by deucekazoo on 10/05/12 at 18:13:53

The Zbox came with a12AT7 tube. I swaped it out for a 12AU7 before listening to it because I had some old stock laying around. Well I switched back to the 12AT7 just to see how they compared and wow. I like this tube. The soundstage is still there but the highs are better, not as mellow. I think it has to do with the gain of the tube. The AU is a low gain while the AT is a medium to high. The Ipod only puts out a little more than 1V so I guess the higher the gain the better. Now I need to pick up a AX tube to see how that sounds.

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