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Message started by Fireblade on 07/20/12 at 02:36:17

Title: Loose Volume knob
Post by Fireblade on 07/20/12 at 02:36:17

I've started to experience what seems to be a technical issue with my new Mini Torii:   :(

The right channel's volume knob is slipping (loosing grip) over the volume pot shaft (I suppose), as it has a sector where it becomes quite loose, as if it is not dragging the volume shaft along.  After that sector, it starts having grip again.  The end result is that the off position is no longer at 7:00, but has moved to about 5:00, and frankly I have difficulty referencing the volume position on that channel.

I would like suggestions to try to correct this by myself, before it gets worse, since shipping the unit back to mother ship is unfeasible.  I may be wrong, but I suspect somehow the gripping of the volume knob over the pot shaft is not right.  This, in spite of always having manipulated those knobs with the utmost care, since the gear's arrival.

I'm just hoping it is something I can fix at home, using some expert directions.  I don't know how this piece is assembled, but I'm imagining some sort of male-female coupling between knob and pot shaft.  Hopefully it may be a matter of taking the knob off and using some additional gripping medium between the knob's internal hole and the pot shaft, or maybe tightening some prisoner screw.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  BTW, my volume knobs are the wooden (walnut) type matching the amp's chassis woodwork.

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by ZYGI on 07/20/12 at 03:04:27

FB did you look to see if you have one or two small set screws in the bases of the knob.  I don't know what Steve is using these days, but my shafts have flats with a set screw to hold the knob tight. It sounds like the loose movement is when the loose screw is sliding on the flat, and when the screw is coming in contact with the round part of the shaft it grabs and turns the pot/shaft.

I would suppose if this was the case it would also feel loose in the opposite direction until the screw made contact with the other side of the flat.

If there is no set screw, then it could be the pot is loose in the chassis and you would just need to remove the knob and tighten the nut.

Should be simple enough...


Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Fireblade on 07/20/12 at 03:17:20


There is a tiny hole by the middle of the knob's body.  It probably houses a prisoner (push-in or locking) screw, but it must be so tiny I'd probably need some jeweler's tool to tighten it (and magnifying glasses).  Does this confirm it is just a matter of finding the right tool to tighten it?  

Your description of what is happening makes all the sense in the world, BTW.  Thanks.  I wonder if this is a normal screw or phillips screw head pattern though ... that hole is all I can see, no screw head showing in either knob, as it must be quite deep into the knob's woodwork.

Before I start messing things around, just in case, I'll give Steve or someone technically informed about the specifics of this assy a chance to confirm this.  If I were able to look at the screw head inside the hole, it would be a confirmation, but I don't.  I also want to make sure the tool has the right screw head pattern not to damage the screw head with the wrong tool.

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by ZYGI on 07/20/12 at 12:09:17


Email Sarah today and have her ask Steve what size allen wrench is needed. Or when the knob is at its loosest point, it would seem to me that it should just lift right off. You could then take it to your local hardware type store and see if they can find the correct size.

Here in the states we can go to our local Ace Hardware and buy just a single allen (hex) wrench.

Good luck and don't make it out to be anymore than it is, it's  NOT a big deal, really.


Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Rivieraranch on 07/20/12 at 13:05:19

Is this a chicken head knob? It probably has a small slotted screw inside. The would be the size that an eyeglass repair kit contains.

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Fireblade on 07/20/12 at 16:10:17


I'm not making a big deal out of nothing!  I'm just relating the facts from my own perspective.  As you can see, there are three different screw head patterns possible so far, and before I screw something up (pun intended) I require a first-hand description.  There's also the possibility that the knob's hole I'm seeing is just a dial reference without any screws in it, and in this case the knob may be linked to the chassis via a base nut or something.  I don't want to force things by trial and error, if you don't mind  ....


It is not a chicken head knob, rather a round, walnut knob.

I'll e-mail Sarah for further info.  Thanks.

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by ZYGI on 07/20/12 at 17:21:55


Living out of country, I knew what you might be thinking. Maybe "Big Deal" was the wrong phrase to use. I should have said "Easy Fix" which it is going to be.

I know the walnut knobs had a set screw using a hex wrench. Should be around 1.5-2.5mm wrench, I just doen't know which it is.

Sarah should be able to get you straightened out very quickly.


Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Fireblade on 07/20/12 at 22:23:12


That's fine.  I realize this is a simple fix.  I just don't want to make it a more serious issue by attempting the wrong approach.  Once Sarah confirms the right tool, I'll be happy.  Thanks for your support.

Update: Sarah just forwarded my message to Steve ... Back to square 1!

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Rivieraranch on 07/20/12 at 22:59:17

The walnut knobs have an Allen screw. I just took one off of my Z-STAGE.  Borrow a US and metric Allen wrench set from somebody and tighten the knobs.  

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Steve Deckert on 07/20/12 at 23:31:51

The allen screw is 0.60 or 1.524 mm for the wooden knobs.


Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Donnie on 07/20/12 at 23:53:24

I think that your decimal point is off. .060" is 1.524 mm. .6" is a honkin' big allen wrench. Sorry, I'm weird about decimal points, I've made too many mistakes over the years with the decimal point being in the wrong place.

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Fireblade on 07/21/12 at 00:36:56

Thanks so much for the info, Steve.  I'm relieved to have confirmation that this is as simple as tightening the locking screw in place with the proper allen wrench.

Thanks also to Rivieraranch for the consistent feedback.

Donnie, you're right:  2.54 cm/inch x 10 mm/cm x 0.060" = 1.524 mm

I think I even have allen wrenches in those sizes, somewhere ...


Yep, found an old allen set, somewhat rusty, that I used for some of my motorcycles' tweaking, but which contains the size required for that knob.  Everything is right now, the hex mini screw was indeed loose and I recalibrated the dial as in the other channel.

I just finished a terrific listening session, wonderful music, great sound!

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by stone_of_tone on 07/25/12 at 17:36:14

Geez, I am glad you got that fixed.  ::)   Stone

Title: Re: Loose Volume knob
Post by Fireblade on 07/27/12 at 01:37:33

Very funny!  It may seem silly on hindsight, but if you were to live where there's no local or remote chance to have something like this amp fixed, you'd also tend to consider worst-case scenarios.  I was imagining needing to open the amp's chassis and all. Evidently, not having experience with it makes things even worse.

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