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Message started by Lon on 08/30/11 at 15:40:21

Title: ZDAC-1 for sale
Post by Lon on 08/30/11 at 15:40:21

I have upgraded my front end to the PS Audio PerfectWave Transport/DAC combo, and I think it would be a shame if the ZDAC-1 I've used carefully and happily were to sit on the shelf for months and months while the unit is no longer available from Decware and is in demand. . . .

This is a great player.  I replaced it with one that cost more than three times the price, and the Decware unit may have better bass. . . it's close and a matter of personal preference which has the better bass.

This unit is in excellent condition and is fully operational. I would like to sell it for 700 dollars including shipping to a continental US address. I will also include a trio of Herbie's Audio Lab "Tender Feet" (the larger ones).

If interested, please contact me at

Title: Re: ZDAC-1 for sale
Post by Lon on 09/03/11 at 14:32:59

Alright, I'm going to reduce this to 675 including shipping in the Continental US and then if it doesn't sell in a week, I'm going to list it in several other places.

Want this to go to a good home. . . and I'm resisting my urge to keep it and store it. That's not easy!

Title: Re: ZDAC-1 for sale
Post by Lon on 09/05/11 at 05:43:42

The ZDAC-1 is on hold. Thanks!

Title: Re: ZDAC-1 for sale
Post by walt on 09/07/11 at 03:55:49

If I wasn't putting together turntable I would have jumped. Not much spare cash right now.

Title: Re: ZDAC-1 for sale
Post by Zenfire on 10/02/11 at 09:20:09

Hey Lon, I'd love a ZDAC if it falls through.  Is there much risk of the part that is no longer available breaking?  Or are the other components more iffy?

Title: Re: ZDAC-1 for sale
Post by Lon on 10/02/11 at 14:24:52

Hey Zenfire,

I mailed mine off to the buyer this week; I had held it for him for a few weeks because he was out of the country.

I've had no problem whatsoever with mine and many on the board have been enjoying theirs problem free. I wouldn't hesitate to purchase one used. It's a great device for the dollars. I wish I could keep it, but I've decided not to keep a stockpile of equipment about gathering dust, and I'll be selling some amps in the months to come.

You're building a nice system, and a ZDAC-1 would be a great addition. I don't know if Steve has plans for another DAC or not. . . I guess maybe those who go to DecFest will discover where he wishes to go next in the digital direction.

Title: Re: ZDAC-1 for sale
Post by Lon on 10/02/11 at 14:59:51

Regarding ICs and wire: I keep proving to myself how wonderful the Decware Silver Reference ICs are. Just yesterday I dug out my PS Audio xStream Statement ICs which cost twice the cost of the Decware ICs and put them between my DAC and Torii Mk III. I thought "the DAC is a PS Audio and these ICs were once the top of the line PS Audio ICs, maybe there's a great synergy!" Well, I left them in about four hours and listened and they did sound really good, thick and rich and big and bold. But . . . I missed the air and depth that Decware ICs presented. Yes the PS Audio were warm and rich, but. . . the Decware were better over all and back in they went. I can highly recommend these--they mate well with every Decware component I've connected them with and every other component as well. They do take time to break in, but after a few months you'll never part with them.

The Styx speaker cable take even LONGER to break in and it may make sense to somehow break these in outside the system because the wait for the cables to settle in is long, it took them months before they were all they could be in my system. But once they were "there," there simply is no finer speaker cable in my experience. Just a newly cleaned window into the recordings.

Be confident that with your CSP2 and Torii Mk III and ERR, you have an amazing system, and you can look for the finest possible sources and cabling and reap the rewards they bring. This pre-amp, amp and speaker combo is just such a quality combo. One to enjoy for a lifetime.

Title: Re: ZDAC-1 for sale
Post by Zenfire on 10/02/11 at 20:44:50

Thank you!   It's advice and agreement like this that makes it all worthwhile and relaxes me to just enjoy the system without poking around all the time.  Cheers, Steve

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