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Message started by nico on 08/26/11 at 06:03:59

Title: Am I screwed...?
Post by nico on 08/26/11 at 06:03:59

Just bought a Mullard CV593 of Ebay [England], listing showed NOS NEW IN ORIGINAL BOX, UNSUSED

.....but what came in today looks very different!
I took pics of the tube that came in, which looks like a heavily USED original Mullard GZ32 to me....

Can YOU tell me if it indeed is a USED tube?????
I already Emailed the seller, who responded with this;
Please accept my apologies for this. At this time, we are in the process of changing the listing for the GZ32 as we have ran at of stock from the ones listed on ebay. I can assure you that the ones we sent you are exactly the same and are not used. If you have any doubt over this then i am more than happy to refund you if you would like to return them, but as i said these are still GZ32 tubes which are NOS.

Help me out here please, I'm a newbie in tube-land!

Title: Re: Am I screwed...?
Post by Rivieraranch on 08/26/11 at 12:15:15

In a word: "yes."

Send the tube back and buy from a reputable source.

Title: Re: Am I screwed...?
Post by don pettit on 08/26/11 at 16:56:38

hi nico,  just short of 7000 transactions with a 99.9% satisfaction rating indicates, to me, a reputable seller.  i would continue  with this seller.  sounds like he knows his tubes and is anxious to please.  some on this forum are way too harsh in their judgments.  good luck, don pettit, long beach, washinton

Title: Re: Am I screwed...?
Post by nico on 08/26/11 at 18:10:02

Today seller Emailed this reply in answer to my message [with pictures of the tube];

"OK here's what i am going to do. I have one that is the same as the one in the listing. It has never been opened apart from just now when i wanted to check that it was the correct one. This is new and unused and will solve the situation. Please keep the GZ32 valve that you have with you or please dispose of it. This is no use to us.

I hope this is ok and will clear all misunderstanding. Once the valve is with you, please close the case on paypal or if you could close it now i would be very grateful.
I can assure you that your new tube is on its way to you".

So I anwered him that I will drop the PayPal dispute after the correct tube has arrived and works.... This still does not make him a reputable seller to me; he said he completely ran out of stock, that's why he send this one; suddenly he still has got the right tube..?
I'll wait for the promissed tube, and will not buy from him again.

Title: Re: Am I screwed...?
Post by nico on 09/04/11 at 08:46:20

The right tube arrived a few days later, and is indeed the right one.
Now my dillemma; what feedback does he deserve?
In the end I received the right tube, BUT;

-He obviously is a liar, for telling me the first [worn out tube] it is a new [and the correct] tube...
-He send the first one because he "completely ran out of CV593's as listed", but later sends me one...
-He told me that he changed the listing to "avoid further misunderstandings" but the listing is still the same....

Negative feedback seems in place here IMO but I received the right tube in the end.
What would your feedback be?

Title: Re: Am I screwed...?
Post by Pale Rider on 09/04/11 at 14:40:28

Depending on your seller, negative feedback might produce a "retaliatory response." I would consider a neutral feedback with a brief statement like "had a misunderstanding about item, which seller corrected." As Don points out, this seller has a very good, high volume, overall rating, and there might have been some valid explanation for the error. Since you got what you wanted at the price you wanted, I would be less inclined to give negative feedback. Neutral, or even none at all, could be appropriate.

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