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Message started by drummerboy on 11/29/10 at 11:23:34

Title: SE34I.2+ and my dropped jaw
Post by drummerboy on 11/29/10 at 11:23:34

Picked it up last week from german costumns.The box was a bit crushed, but when I opened it, I saw that it was packed with extreme caution!
Nothing broke except one el34. Crackeled and fell out after turng the amp on. Didnt survive the eruptions on the plane I guess.
Steve wanted to send me a new one, very generous...

Doesnt make any noise turning on or off!
No hum at listening spot!
Sounds just right from the start.
Stunning build quality.
And I can turn down the central heating system... ;D

Now I "hear" that a grand piano is also made of wood... and is a very heavy instrument.

I listen with enthusiastic joy now to Mundell Lowe and LLoyd Wells on their CD "Guitars-This one's for Charlie"/Azica Label. Sounds so real authentic, you could think your in the recording studio... noisy old guitar amps and all... ;)

I am very pleased. Thanks alot!

PS: No wonder I cant find other reviews. Everybody is listening through all their canned music once again... Loving their favorit musicians even more...   ;)

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