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Message started by HellionDarklord on 04/14/10 at 19:14:04

Title: Help with TL
Post by HellionDarklord on 04/14/10 at 19:14:04

Does anyone here know much about tline subs?  I just bought a new test subject from goodwill.
it is actually pretty damned good for what it is, but SQ is lacking

The driver is 5 inches in diameter from center of surround to center of surround.  5in/2=2.5in so, 2.5(2.5)3.14= 19.625.  So the port area is going to be 19.6" square.

Length is 1130/ 30 = 37.66 ft long Full wave length. Divide this by 4 for 1/4 wave wich equals= 9.41ft long.

Is this right?  9.41ft seems ginormous!  19" square seems tiny. Is my math right?

If I make the box 6"wide inside then the port is only 3.2" across, so maybe that won't be so bad. If I did the math right

Any suggestions?

thanks HD

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