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Message started by babgrip on 01/12/10 at 20:05:30

Title: HELP with build issues    PROBLEM FIXED
Post by babgrip on 01/12/10 at 20:05:30

Mistake that i made was not triple checking my work .

Found a short on volume pot solders  cleaning board with alcohol fixed that problem

3 out of 4 speaker binding post were grounded against chassis
added nylon bushings to fix problem

Amp sounds great, really surprized at volume level output
cant wait untill it is fully burned in

Attached photo shows listening room with Zen amp,  Wicked One subwoofer and Decware diffusers,speakers are DIY Nagoata Swans. also built and use the Deathbox sub with surround set-up in family room.
Thanks Steve for a great line of products

Title: Re: HELP with build issues    PROBLEM FIXED
Post by Alan H on 01/13/10 at 10:09:17

Glad you're sorted, Bab. Your multimeter is your friend! Enjoy the music!

Title: Re: HELP with build issues    PROBLEM FIXED
Post by Lon on 01/13/10 at 16:47:06

Interesting setup!  Looks cool, bet it sounds great.  Enjoy!

Title: Re: HELP with build issues    PROBLEM FIXED
Post by babgrip on 01/14/10 at 18:49:06

Thanks. it's nice when the kids move out.  sounds great i did Danks grounding mod now amp is dead quiet.  Will do the CCE mod next. Right now i have it hooked up to pair of Aletc VOTT A-7's amazing what 2 watts can do    :)

Title: Re: HELP with build issues    PROBLEM FIXED
Post by dank on 01/14/10 at 20:27:48


I too am an Altec VOTT fan, having built my first set in high school, about 40 years ago now.  They are long gone, but I built another set a few years back that just can't get rid of them because they sound so good.  I have found that I like Steve's horn and driver used in the pro12m (Selenium D210Ti screw on driver,  Parts Express  p/n 264-235 and horn lens:   Parts Express   p/n 270-096) better than the Altec 511 horn and 808-8a driver!  Running the woofer full range and just a 6uf (I think) capacitor for the driver...sounds great, of coarse its probably not as loud as the Altec stuff, but I don't listen to it THAT loud.


Title: Re: HELP with build issues    PROBLEM FIXED
Post by babgrip on 01/15/10 at 03:29:44

i checked with P.E. the D210Ti has been discontinued replaced by D220Ti ??  I can buy a pair of drivers & horns for less than one replacement diaphram. have to give it some thought. But it is time to recap crossovers. one other thought  i have the 421-8h l.f. speaker with the metal dust cap do you thinkl if i glued a paper cap on it would help tame the woofer down.

thanks Ben

Title: Re: HELP with build issues    PROBLEM FIXED
Post by dank on 01/15/10 at 19:48:04


I sold all my Altec horns and drivers on Ebay once I found the D210Ti did the job as well or better to my ear, and it looks WAY better on a spectrum analyzer... fairly flat now out to 20khz whereas the Altec stuff dropped off around 12khz.  'Coarse the D210Ti can't do 500 hz, but - as you said - you can buy a pair of them for the same price as a replacement Altec diaphram.  The D220Ti is suppose to be everything the D210Ti is, and more, for the same price.  I have not bought one (yet?) so I don't know for sure if that's true or not.

I've never owned any Altec woofers.  I used JBL D130's and JBL D140's in my first set (D140's sounded better), and I'm running JBL 2220's now.  My only problem with metal dust caps occurred when one got dented.  It would resonate at a certain frequency (depending on the size and placement of the dent I'm sure) such that when that note would hit in a song it sounded horrible.  I cut that dust cap out and the problem went away.  I don't know what removing or replacing a non-dented metal dust cap would do to the sound...I would guess not much.

If your dust cap is dented, then you have probably thought about protecting it some how.  Years ago I came up with an easy solution.  You take the woofers out, staple in an 18" square piece of speaker cloth, and then reinstall the woofer.  Only problem is that you can't see that cool shiny dust cap anymore.


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